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Blank Cigarette Box
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Blank Cigarette Box
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Available in all custom shapes and sizes

  • Stock / material

  • 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S
  • Finishing / detailing:

  • Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV
  • Add Ons:

  • Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing
  • Packaging:

  • Assembled and shipped flat
  • Structure:

  • Eco-friendly assembling.

Blank Cigarette Boxes Smart Style to Smoke

Today, cigarettes are a social trend that people have adopted and measured as a class. Regardless of all the limits and health problems, this trend is on the upswing every day. The packaging and printing industry is also being modernized through the development of new trends in cigarette packaging. New cigarette manufacturers will benefit from the use of blank cigarette boxes or plain cigarette boxes. No branding or symbols mean to be included in this packaging. It's a simpler packaging form with a logo print and all the information you need to mention. A more uniform style of packaging for cigarettes with lower packaging costs. Individuals like to prefer these blank cigarette boxes to others because of their simplicity and elegance.

Smoking high-quality cigarettes make people feel safe. Printed cigarette boxes are closely related to smokers. Custom blank cigarette boxes can create a strong connection with the smoker. These smokers prefer the quality of cigarettes, the elegant packaging, and the responsible brand of cigarettes. Careful market research is required to design Cardboard cigarette boxes. It is necessary to carefully investigate the product requirements, the expectations of the user, and the concerns of the brand or manufacturer. All of this can help you better plan capable packaging that can also boost your sales.

Functional Blank Cigarette Boxes

The more functional a cigarette box, the more people prefer it. Blank cigarette boxes with high-quality cardboard material protect and present the cigarettes more accurately. It's the ideal place to store cigarettes and keep them safe while transporting or shipping. Cardboard material is durable and works well as a product protector. Blank cigarette boxes can easily be designed according to the manufacturer's choice. To customize your cigarette boxes, you can choose any custom size, style, and shape. Smokers do not want any pressure on their cigarettes that can be damaged while moving in their pockets.

They also want to be any kind of lightweight and simple box that can be carried anywhere. Blank cigarette boxes are more functional due to their ideal mechanism of opening and shutting down. These boxes can be more long-lasting by increasing the thickness of the cardboard. Cardboard material is also lightweight naturally, giving a smart look to Blank cigarette boxes. Plain packaging makes your cigarettes more economical as compared to others. This is because others usually charge high for luxury packaging. Blank cigarette boxes in bulk can be ordered to get high-quality packaging at low prices. It helps you to save your efforts, time, and money effortlessly. Cigarette boxes are largely consumed by people of all ages. To impress this high number of customers effective packaging works in the right manner.

Makers Prefer Blank Packaging as Custom Cigarette Boxes

To meet the beliefs of their users, blank cigarette boxes can be customized as per the requirement. Although these boxes are to some extent limited, some customization can still be added easily. With the required custom modifications, new producers prefer to use these boxes. Paper cigarette boxes help to reduce the price of packaging and more gracefully display the products as well. BoxesMe provides you with the advanced customization of their custom cigarette boxes to design blank packaging. Custom lamination can more securely display your boxes and help keep the printing effective for a long time.

In manufacturing, custom cigarette boxes, white cardboard, or Kraft material is commonly used. This package is the true representation of high-class individuals. This is why top tobacco companies prefer to make custom changes using cigarette boxes. Through these custom cigarette boxes, they can easily accomplish their goals of great sales and best presentation. Blank packaging provides users with a message regarding the responsible cigarette brand. A more vigilant brand image in the market is positively created by blank cigarette boxes. That, despite a follower, helps the product to be a market leader.

Custom Cigarette Boxes Adapt perfectly through logo printing

In the packaging industry, logo printing has gained vital importance over the past several years. Without a logo, product packaging looks incomplete and bored. Even a small product demands its identity from the shelves and counters on the market. Custom cigarette boxes without a logo look dull and imperfect. In comparison to others, high-quality printing techniques can be used to make your logo more impactful. It is necessary to print cigarette boxes with a warning and other information.

All of these can be used to design your cigarette packaging in more planned areas. These logo boxes can be produced in customized sizes and shapes. In comparison to other boxes, it can make your custom cigarette boxes distinct. You can also use the die-cut window to creatively display your cigarettes. Another embossing, Debossing, and foiling add-ons can be used to make your cigarette boxes more sleek and distinctive. In bulk, these add-ons can manage the prices perfectly.

Get your high-quality Cigarette Boxes from BoxesMe

If you want to expand your cigarette business with high sales and maximum profits, plan your packaging with professional help. Ideal and reliable packaging can help maintain a business with high earnings. You can get in touch with BoxesMe who is experienced in packaging manufacturing. Our high-quality, low-cost, blank cigarette boxes can make your cigarette, a smoker’s favorite. Outstanding design can be planned with the help of our professional graphics team. You can also order bulk blank cigarette boxes to get our discounted prices. We used the best quality cardboard materials for the production of cigarette boxes.

It can carry cigarettes more protectively and more attractively. We're also dealing with custom cigarette boxes that can be tailored to your choices. We never give up on packaging design, every customization can be added according to your wishes. Please contact us with the dimensions and all the customization you need. Our professional teams will make everything possible for your packaging. We offer free design support, free shipping, and the fastest delivery of your cigarette boxes.

Blank Cigarette Boxes Wholesale

Blank cigarette boxes wholesale is very profitable as it increases the sale of cigarettes. these wholesale boxes are either sent to retailers or stores that have a high number of sales of cigarettes. The material used to make cigarette boxes is cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated stuff which is very easily available in the market at reasonable price rates. Also, the material we use to make blank cigarette boxes is biodegradable which helps save the environment and discourages environmental pollution.


BoxesMe is one of the best and top packaging solutions providers in the market. Our boxes are greatly admired and always stand out among the rest of the boxes. They speak about the quality of the material itself. Similarly the designs we choose are equally elegant, unique, and beautiful. The boxes we make are very comfortable for our customers and cater to a long list of their needs. They can also complain about any flaws but we always take it positively as a way to improve our work. If you haven’t familiar with our blank cigarette boxes yet, just dial our toll-free number and place your order. We provide free shipping of blank cigarette boxes to customers living in the USA and Canada.

Customized Blank Cigarette Boxes Whole Sale

Cigarettes are very commonly used smoking entity that is consumed by a number of individuals both young and adults. Cigarettes have become a symbol of social class and status and are produced by a number of brands in the market. Packaging always comes first buying any product. If the customers find packaging attractive and beautiful, they believe in the quality of the products and end to purchase it. our packaging solutions always focus on the core principle of satisfying our customers to the best of level. Our boxes keep the cigarettes well aligned, maintain, and original in shape along with saving them from being damaged. Blank cigarette boxes are greatly appreciated due to having good quality material and being mono-colored.

Custom Blank Cigarette Boxes with Logo

Custom blank cigarette boxes are mono-colored and are simple in appearance. As the cigarettes are a symbol of social class and elegance the boxes must be equally elegant and nice. The boxes can be customized using a color mostly white. The shape, size, and color are either chosen directly by the demands of customers or by the recommendations of our team members. We have very experienced designers that offer our customers valuable ideas to help their brand grow and capture a huge number of customers. Customized blank cigarette boxes are very much in demand because they are processed and finalized by our team. He is made absolutely flawless so that packaging fully convinces the customers and lets them believe that the money invested in buying the cigarettes will not go wasted.

Wholesale Printed Cigarette Boxes

Though customized blank cigarette boxes don’t need much printing there are two important things that if not added, boxes remain incomplete. It is the logo of the brand and some descriptions related to cigarettes and the brand they belong to. For new cigarette brands that want to grab the market and increase the number of sales, we offer unique and distinct logo solutions so that the customers find it attractive along with being the symbol of quality and originality. Similarly, printed descriptions including certain important details help grab the attention of customers and convince them about the good quality of cigarettes.

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