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Burger Boxes1
Cake Boxes1
Chocolate Boxes1
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Donut Boxes1
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Noodle Boxes1
Pastry Boxes1
Popcorn Boxes1
Burger Boxes1
Cake Boxes1
Chocolate Boxes1
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Donut Boxes1
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Noodle Boxes1
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Stock / material

12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing:

Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add Ons:

Die Cut Window, Gold foiling/silver foiling, Raised ink, Embossing, Debossing


Assembled and shipped flat


Eco-friendly assembling.

Available in all custom shapes and sizes

Food Box Packaging

Maintaining the quality of food products and food box packaging plays a vital role. Every kind of food whether it is fresh or processed need to be packaged.  In the food industry, food packaging boxes are inherent to protect food products. Packaging provides food items a convenience to purchase and use food items effortlessly. This is the best way to enhance your food competence by selecting the best food packaging box.

Packaging not only supports your product to sustain in the market but also performs a role in making your food items successful in marketing, and distribution operations and creating an image of the environmentally responsible product.  Due to strong competition in the food market, no one can rely on taste only. Box food packaging is another advantage that can be managed to present your food product in the best possible way. It affects the consumer perception of your food products. The objective of food packaging is to hold food items in a cost-effective manner that can fulfill industry requirements and consumer needs, maintain food safety and minimize the environmental effects. Worldwide packaging boxes for food are the best extensively consumed solution for food items.

Eye Catching and Beautiful Food and Beverage Packaging

If we explore the entire food category then we will know that it is actually very extensive having totally different kinds of products. It involves different cuisines, snacks, and types of food. Packaging has a great role in the food business and acts as a way for it to grow. No food business can be imagined without packaging boxes. Therefore giving slightly more attention to packaging is completely justified. Now you should further go for the designs and styles that it has because simple packaging has mo vitality. Burger Boxes is the best-ever collection of boxes specially created for food.

It has mesmerizing styles and designs which are very impactful. You can also add designs of your own liking to these boxes. So always go for creative designs as they are relatively more significant and valuable than any other designs. Packaging food box has different colors of paints used to sketch a beautiful design that looks more like a captured and candid image of food. It looks quite tempting simply to look at the boxes so do consider using these boxes if you want best customer turnout for you products.

We Provide Eco Friendly Food Boxes Wholesale

The increasing use of chemicals is neglecting the concerns and issues that we have because of our environment. Natural environment plays a major role in our life and has positive effect on life span if we live in good environmental conditions. Packaging is one of the vastly used products and hence it has direct link to our environment. If we excessively use cheap and low quality packaging, it will have really a negative impact on the environment which will eventually lead it towards destruction.

Hence the only way to deal with it is use of a good quality packaging. Cardboard food boxes are high quality boxes crafted from cardboard. They are used for packing the products in a proper manner and providing safety to our environment. It is highly safe because it doesn’t contain any chemicals or harmful substances so you can always use them. Cardboard food boxes are also available at wholesale prices which ensure quality packaging at the lesser prices. It is the best thing to use because these boxes are less expensive and yet perfectly fine for the environment. So make sure that you dint forget to use them because they are highly safe and economical boxes.

Best Packaging and Printing Service Provider with Free Shipping

A complete packaging brand offers all sorts of service related to packaging. It is not just amazing and excellent at packaging manufacturing but other things like designing and printing too. It can be said that all this is true for BoxesMe only. It is the highly incredible packaging brand which is providing and supplying best boxes manufactured with outstanding details. Custom food packaging made by BoxesMe is an ideal packaging containing different kinds of boxes which can be used for all kinds if food stuff. BoxesMe designs flawless custom food packaging with excellent printing of details and designs.

This makes them usable for any sort of products because every product needs good display and safe coverage. Custom food packaging has both the qualities in a finest blend because it adds to the value of the products. So keep using these boxes if you already are and if you’re not, you can immediately switch to them. Also BoxesMe gives free shipping for these boxes which helps the customers to save their cost for delivery. Hence, it is a wonderful idea to get your must require packaging in best styles with minimum expense and cost.

Customer Care Facility and Expert Packaging Team

At BoxesMe you will be treated by the best customer care team. We have been working dir several years in packaging and trying to be the best at the boxes that we create. Also it is more convenient to get your boxes from a reliable place. BoxesMe is a highly trusted packaging manufacturer which takes great interest in introducing creative packaging designs. For an experiment you can start with packaging boxes for food and check their result. If you’re satisfied, you can continue using them. If there are any issues that you face, you can talk to our customer care through our website or landline number mentioned there.

Our packaging boxes for food are incredibly functional and professionally made with the skills of top class labour. Our entire packaging team has teat hands on manufacturing and creating them and this is why they are always different and outstanding. Our customer care team is also very helpful and cooperative and our previous customers have great experience with it. You can also check the reviews and positive feedback for our team and share your isn’t thoughts about it. We would love to know your opinion.

Well Designed Beverage Packaging Attracts Customers

The packaging that is used for food is not just used for food products but it is also used for beverage and drinks. They are also edible stuff and make a part of food and diet. As the packaging appearance in food products as much it does in beverages and drinks. Hence you can’t go with a beautiful packaging for food but a cheap standard for drinks. BoxesMe creates very stylish packaging for drinks and beverages of all kinds too. Customized food packaging is a brilliant form of packaging usable for all food stuff. It includes beautiful graphics and prints made by creative hands.

Similarly packaging for beverages is used to cover them properly and wrap around them.  If you’re not using such a packaging for beverages then you’re being unfair to your products. You can definitely earn more by giving beverages options of packaging too. It is incredibly amazing because not just cold drinks look good, safe and secure but they are also more comfortably shippable and transferable. So don’t forget to order if you want a nice packaging for drinks because BoxesMe has been creating them for a long time now.

Where to Buy Food Packaging Supplies?

There are different kinds of boxes available for food products. Some of them are high quality and simple are not. But they all are very appropriate and good to use. Now the question is where you can find good quality packaging for all products. Customize food packaging is creatively made packaging which always gives a great feeling of satisfaction to its customers. You can find it in its best form at BoxesMe.

This is the only brand which has been creating and supplying thee boxes for decades and years. So you can check them from the website for the other details and you will be surprised by the quality and the stuff that it is. So simply go to our website and mention your specific details. Also you can skip your delivery charges of your order from BoxesMe as it provides charges less delivery if your orders.

What is the role of Food Packaging Boxes?

Food packaging boxes play a dynamic role to protect food items from outside impacts and damage, containing the food protected, and providing customers a final product with the ingredient and informational details.  Due to packaging physical protection retain food from damage during distribution. Customized food boxes of Paperboard and corrugated material resist outer impacts and damages so widely used in shipping but it also can be used in the packaging of delicate food.

What materials must be used in Packaging Boxes for Food?

The accurate selection of packaging materials helps in maintaining the quality of the product and freshness throughout distribution and storage. There are some important features that should be considered when selecting material for food packaging boxes:

  • Material that can satisfy the competing needs of your food product
  • Material that can incorporate distribution requirements and consumer needs
  • Material that can support environmental and waste management issues
  • Material that proved cost-effective for your custom food box

It’s not an easy task to design the packaging box for food with a comprehensive analysis of the above-mentioned factors with the characteristics of your food item. Always try to choose the most preferred material that provides optimum protection of your product quality and safety.

What are the key features of Custom Food Boxes?

Custom food boxes are the face of the food item and often is the only product exposure that customer is going to experience before purchasing.  To make your food item more presentable and desirable, you need to design your boxes according to the requirements of your food item and consumer. Need to choose the right colors for your custom food box with your logo.  A customized food box is designed to enhance the image of the food item and the differentiation of your product from the competitors. If you want to engross your customers with your custom food box, the requirement is to pack your food item in classy and catchy packaging by BoxesMe competent design team. Consumer needs determine the actual sale of the product, and in other words, custom boxes for food are a significant sales tool. In this competitive environment, distinctive and innovative customized food boxes can boost your sales effectively.

How can be efficient in designing Customized Food Boxes?

Boxesme provides a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors for your custom food boxes. Offset printing and digital printing are used in the production of customized food boxes. You can also avail of our lamination (matte/gloss) for the eye-catching appearance of your custom food box. Adds options like embossing, Debossing, raised ink, or spot UV can help you increase the value of your customized food box. All this customization is affordable and granted you quality material for your custom food box. To make your custom boxes for food more appealing and presentable, there are other options for attractive images and advanced font styles with your company logo and information. Designing a customized food box is an art, and needs professional help to do it accurately.  Customization can be added more value to your product through excellent printing outcomes. Cardboard and corrugated stuff are the best to make the desired customization for your custom food box.

In the food industry, mostly it is necessary to provide an informational guide to the consumer about your food items. Your customized food box going to be an information source for your product also. Try to be more innovative regarding the information you are going to deliver to your valued customer.

How can be Economical by Food Packaging Boxes Wholesale?

Food is one of the items that must be available all year, there is no specific growing time period to sell. From fresh to frozen food, there are many motives to use custom boxes for food by the vendors. With the developing period, it’s economical to order your food packaging boxes wholesale in bulk quantities. When you decide to purchase customized boxes in bulk, it always proved to be profitable in terms of quality and quantity with the financial aspects.BoxesMe is here to assist you by forecasting a cost-effective package for your custom food packaging supplies.

What are the quality services that you can get at BoxesMe?

BoxesMe offers customized food boxes for all food items with the assurance of best quality material packaging solutions. You can buy any kind of custom food box according to your requirements for your product with free customized design assistance. With the help of our professional designers and expert packaging staff, you would be able to distinguish your brand in the competitive food box packaging industry. Email us or call us for a free custom quote. You can also get our free assistance in designing of your customized food box. It’s the assurance to justify your all designing and packaging requirements and deliver your order in the least turnaround time.

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