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Bath Bomb Boxes
Bath Bomb Packaging
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Bath Bomb Boxes USA
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Bath Bomb Packaging3
Bath Bomb Boxes US
Bath Bomb Boxes Wholesale3
Bath Bombs Packaging1
Bath Bomb Boxes
Bath Bomb Packaging
Bomb Boxes
Bath Bomb Box2
Bath Bomb Boxes Canada
Bath Bomb Boxes USA
Bath Bomb Boxes3
Bath Bomb Packaging3
Bath Bomb Boxes US
Bath Bomb Boxes Wholesale3
Bath Bombs Packaging1
Bath Bomb Boxes
Bath Bomb Packaging
Bomb Boxes
Bath Bomb Box2
Bath Bomb Boxes Canada
Bath Bomb Boxes USA
Bath Bomb Boxes3
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Stock / material

12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing:

Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add Ons:

Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing


Assembled and shipped flat


Eco-friendly assembling.

Available in all custom shapes and sizes

Custom Bath Bomb Packaging at Wholesale Rate

Everything has its own energy. When we come across an individual, we always observe their aura in order to identify their personality in general. Furthermore, an opinion or perspective is set about a person on how they appear to the world. Likewise is the case when it comes to packaging. The packaging of a product reflects its aura, makes it recognized and identified, outshines, and informs the world what the product truly is. We know that bath bombs activate instantly when they come into contact even with a drop of water. This is where the quality of the custom bath bomb boxes intervenes. Mostly custom bath bomb packaging boxes are of the same element but not every box hits the heart of the customer.

We at know surely how to do that!

A Quick Guide to Bath Bomb Packaging

Bath bombs are essential in every household in order to make your bathing a source of relaxation and provide butter-like smoothness to your skin. However, it is always a major task for the buyers to decide what bath bomb is best for them. Customers always go for charismatic and attractive packaging for bath bombs since it helps them set a perspective about the product and looks promising. Exquisite bath bomb packaging asserts a captivating feel towards the product and lets it reside in the hearts of the potential buyer. Packaging bath bombs should be fun and not an obstacle. Here’s how it can be done!

Exceptional and Unique Packaging

Bath bombs are being used by millions of people all across the globe as it leaves a major impact on the person's mind by healing and rejuvenating it. A number of potential buyers always pick that one particular bath bomb box that is, without a doubt, hard to resist!

With an alluring and eye-captivating packaging, it is easier for the seller to showcase their product to the buyer and thus, leave a mark on the customer and set a standard. Custom bath bomb boxes help you express the emotion of the scent of the bath bomb accurately to the buyer. Now is your time to make your bath bomb unique and stylish with printed boxes and truly make your product stand out amongst the others!

Customize your Packaging with Respect to your need and Interest!

There are many competitors specifically when it comes to bath bomb box packaging in the market. An attractive and enchanting appearance can help reside you in the heart of the buyer. We believe that your thoughts and expression must be translated into the packaging so you receive what you pledged for. Always remember, your demand is our priority. We understand the need for you to stay in the market and we know very well how to be your partner in helping you do so!

Quality of the Bath Bomb Boxes

One cannot emphasize enough how important it is to not let the quality of your box for bath bombs be trustworthy and durable. The one, who chooses to compromise on the quality, chooses to compromise on their position in the market. Keeping in mind the design, don’t let the standard, worth, and aura of your custom bath bomb boxes die. Boxesme provides you with luxury and durable packaging for your bath bombs and knows to be by the side of their customers by making them stand out perfectly amongst their competitors.

When we say that there is no compromise on the quality of the bath bomb boxes, we mean to express that loyalty is a prime characteristic of and knows how to add to the profitability of our experience with you.

Types of bath bomb box packaging:

While considering the types of bath bomb packaging, you need to see which are user-friendly and easy to carry. With our excellent quality cardboard boxes for bath bombs, we were able to present versatile custom box packaging. Below we have mentioned some types for you to choose from!

  • Tray and Sleeve Bath Bomb Packaging

Amongst the many styles of bath bomb boxes, tray and sleeve packaging is considered to be creditable in this regard. This is a very creative and effective choice for your bath bomb box packaging considering its unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance and style.

  • Book-End Bath Bomb Packaging

Bookend boxes come with a double opening and help you be creative and expressive with your ideas and designs on them. These are high in demand and considered to be a durable style and easy to carry packaging.

  • Tuck-end Bath Bomb Packaging

These styles of boxes have opening and turning flaps that help you protect the product safely in its packaging. This type of packaging will go all the way to not damage your bath bomb and let the customer access it easily.

  • Two-Piece Bath Bomb Box

This style of the box speaks the luxury of your bath bomb box. This ensures separate covers and helps the bath bomb stay in it. When the cover is opened and the bath bomb is revealed, it leaves a magical impression upon the buyer.

  • Die-cut packaging for bath bomb box

A number of potential buyers choose to have their products in die-cut packaging. It is a very popular way since it has shapes on top of it that also help the buyers give a glance of the bath bomb without even opening it. Having said that, we can examine that all of these types have their own specialty and we are the specialists you require!

Moreover, presents to you our different styles of bath bomb packaging as well. Many manufacturers fail to give you a complete guide to bath bomb boxes styles and hence make it difficult for you to choose which one goes better with your design. We surely won’t let you go through that hassle!

  • Gloss and Matte Coating for Bath Bomb Packaging

Matte coating provides a firm, subtle and sophisticated finish to your boxes for bath bombs and leaves an elegant effect on them. Matte coating speaks and sparks the high quality of your bath bomb boxes and tells the buyer that you’re going to keep the promise of serving them with Excellency.

Gloss coating is considered to be high profile as it gives a shine and glass-like appearance to your custom bath bomb box. It contrasts, strengthens, and intensifies the colors of your packaging and provides you with a classy look.

  • Gold and Silver Foiling for Bath Bomb Boxes

Foiling is a significant way of presenting your bath bomb boxes in a luxurious and dazzling way. Gold and Silver foiling helps give a finishing and neat yet magnificent appearance to your packaging for bath bombs. This foiling adds a value and lavishing element to your boxes for bath bombs to help catch the customer’s eye and make it tough for them to resist.

We completely understand the fact that it gets hard for you to choose which style is better and goes well with your concept of bath bomb packaging. In order to make this process hassle-free for you, is glad and content to be at your service and is a guide for you to make the best decision you’ll never regret!

Using Eco-Friendly Materials for Bath Bomb Boxes is our Prime Concern!

Boxesme knows the importance of eco-friendly bath bomb packaging and keeps in mind its importance to our environment. We at are a big volunteer to sustain a green environment and know to take all measures that prevent this world from toxicity. For this purpose, we have introduced an eco-friendly bath bomb packaging idea that gives a completely new meaning and definition to your product by adding the go-green element.

We preach an eco-friendly environment and promote the thought of having a safe and healthy world. We’ve completely redefined the purpose by adding this element to your custom bath bomb packaging!

Charming Bath Bomb Boxes with logos are now easy to Access!

The logo communicates a sense of connection between the buyers and the sellers. It is therefore paramount for our customers that we help them design the perfect logo which expresses standards, values, and authenticity. We at serve our customers with the finest logos that help the customers connect and understand the value, expression, and meaning put into it.

After all, meaningless and worthiness’ is not something preaches for their customers. We present a number of designed logos, bath bomb display boxes, and samples according to your demands and help you in choosing the jewel in the crown!

Boost your Sales and Marketing!

Since this product is luxuriant, it is paramount and a necessity to give it an elegant finishing and fine appearance. By our unique and extravagant styles with excellent methods of manufacturing your custom bath bomb boxes, we are known as a pro and the master in order to enhance sales and marketing for the better good of your company.

Let’s get it straight- We believe that your success is our success and your failure is our failure. Boxesme only knows to rise and make the ones who entrusted us rise and flourish. Losing is and was never on our plate. Our expertise is to set our and your standard in the market and only know to reside in the hearts of our customers for our authenticity, brilliance, and communication to the customers by adding a sense of value, meaning, and connection to our bath bomb boxes. We truly understand the concept of giving life to the product and there is no compromise on it!

To boost sales, we first need to understand the art of enhancing it. A packaging that enchants the potential buyer and calls attention to its merit is known to get more sales response for its appearance and a subtle yet ravishing look. Considering the fact that Bath bombs are known to relax, release stress and rejuvenate the mind of a person, creating such an ambiance and aura for the custom bath bomb box packaging is our prime area of concern.

Custom Bath Bomb Boxes at Wholesale Prices

We believe in empowering small businesses while accompanying companies too. For that, you may always consider our custom bath bomb box at wholesale prices. When you get them in bulk, you get a higher quantity of the packaging than normal that too at lower rates and improve the efficiency of your business! Isn’t that a steal deal?

Why choose Boxesme?

Your trust in us is what matters the most. knows the desire of each and every customer. We make a fascinating and attractive blend of your thoughts and ideas about the type of packaging you want keeping in mind the desire of the potential buyers and offer you an aesthetically appealing and user-friendly idea of your custom bath bomb box. With our bath bomb display boxes, our customers can have new ideas as to what they exactly want for their bath bomb boxes.

We are aware of the power of creativity and always cherish new ideas at hand. We know that you look for bath bomb box packaging ideas that excite the customer and make it hard to resist for the customer eventually. With our uniqueness, creativity, delicacy, and excellence, we make sure to always make your experience with us a win for you. Our priority is to not let you down and we surely won’t.

That’s a promise! Frequently asked Questions

Do you have any Samples of Bath Bomb Boxes?

  • Of course! is known for providing satisfaction to their customers they look forward to. We make sure to present an ample amount of samples to our customers according to their tastes and interests keeping in mind their likes and dislikes. We choose to not settle until our customers are not 100% satisfied and convinced with a certain design and style.
  • Any concern of our customer is our concern and we make sure to not risk it. Moreover, we give room, space, and freedom of expression to our customers so the process of translating their ideas and thoughts perfectly into the packaging doesn’t come in as an obstacle for them.
  • Our team is extremely well organized, considerate, and supportive of the customers that approach us. From designs to logos and styles, you get every advice and suggestion you seek for!

How many styles do you offer for Bath Bomb Boxes?

  • Is there any style you seek that we don’t offer? offers a variety of styles and designs that are user and budget-friendly, eco-friendly including the gold and silver foiling element to tuck-end style, book-end style, tray and sleeve style, and two-piece style? We know how to excite the customer and make your bath bomb boxes eye-captivating. Moreover, with respect to the look and finishing of the custom boxes we produce gloss and matte laminations and coating which obviously is a tackle for you to decide on but don’t worry, Our team got you covered for that too!

What kind of stock is used for Bath Bomb Boxes?

  • Answer: The commonly used stock is corrugated fiberboard, cardboard, and craft that is bio-degradable. is expertise in providing the best quality stock that will not fail on the strong packaging and cover while beautifying its appearance. Knowing the fact that bath bombs are a sensitive product and can react as soon as they come in contact even to a drop of water, we make sure to protect them fully while out casting brilliance of our work that truly set the standard of Boxesme!

How many features do you offer of Bath Bomb Boxes?

  • There is a tremendous amount of features that come along with our Bath bomb box packaging. Providing logo-embedded boxes with gold and silver foiling, gloss, and matte coating- all such features help in sustaining the elegancy and decency of the bath bomb boxes while making them aesthetically pleasing.

Who Customizes the Best Bath Bomb Boxes?

  • Now that is a very good question! Have you heard of Yes, there you go! That is your answer! We know what the demand of the market is and how to make a product stand out in the market amongst its competitors. Our team tirelessly works in meeting your desire in order to serve you with the brilliance we are known for. With our custom bath bomb boxes, you make your bath bombs stand out in the market and boost your sales. Our effort is shown and translated into the packaging and we excite your targeted customers. Success is all we know. We know how to serve you, for you!

We at look forward to your presence and making this experience of yours with your fun and hassle-free while fulfilling all your needs, demands, and desires and leaving you astounding with our services and the final product for your custom bath bomb boxes.

What People Say

Thanks Joe, for the fulfilment of multiple requests and on time order delivery. I thought that my custom boxes and their designing will be a big Havoc but not if Joe is around. Thanks Again.


Bryan Hoey

Frank thanks man !! These boxes are rad. Never thought that my Cannabis products would find a perfect match. These boxes worked their magic and got my product in the market on time and sublime.


Steve Sandher

If I could give this company 10 stars I would. I received my boxes just like they stated. The cutout that they did was perfect and the quality is awesome. Will be ordering more boxes in the future. Glad I found this company. Thank you, David for helping me out on the design and working with me in having a quality box for my business.


Mickey Mouse Ears

BoxesMe. Specially the chat service quite fast and helpful for me as a new startup business. For sure your quality & speed can't be challenged and I be ordering again in Future as I'm 100% satisfied with all your service not only I get Free Shipping although your designer team help me to build my Design Free of Cost and that attracts most. You Guys are AWESOME! GOD Bless You All!


Sarah Petro

Truly an amazing service!!! Thank you so much David for all your patience, help and professionality. I will definately order again.


Cindy Sandra Gunawan

Most excellent service! I have had everything done from packaging to table tents done here and every items has turned out amazing. BoxesMe pricing and speed cannot be matched.


Jessica Jones