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cereal boxes
custom cereal boxes wholesale
custom cereal boxes
custom printed cereal boxes
cereal boxes
custom cereal boxes wholesale
custom cereal boxes
custom printed cereal boxes
cereal boxes
custom cereal boxes wholesale
custom cereal boxes
custom printed cereal boxes

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Stock / material

12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing:

Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add Ons:

Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing


Assembled and shipped flat


Eco-friendly assembling.

Available in all custom shapes and sizes

Blank Cereal Boxes and their Effectiveness

Cereals have been eaten all over the world for centuries. There are a wide variety of flavors with different nutritional importance available in the market. Diet conscious people prefer to be aware of the nutritional value of these grains food. While kids are interested in the flavors of these cereals. Packaging of cereals now becomes more crucial for manufacturers. It needed to be designed with care and high-quality materials. Blank cereal boxes are an inventive form of packaging for cereals. These boxes are developed with the best quality cardboard material.

It can help to protect the cereal grain from outside high temperatures. Blank cereal boxes maintain the taste and flavor of cereals the same as the original. These boxes not only protect from temperatures but also keep them safe from moisture. Chemical contamination and germs can affect and spoiled cereals directly. Cardboard material thickness can be increased to make your custom cereal boxes more secure and safe. The main purpose of this packaging is to protect the cereals most cost-effectively. Plain cereal box of a different brand can be seen largely on the shelves of superstores. This box packaging is a simple but decent way to present your food brands in the market.

Make your own cereal boxes cost-effectively

The advancement of the printing and packaging industry has opened new ways to personalized cereal boxes. Box's specifications can be planned and decide the way one wants and expects. There are no limitations to customize and design your packaging boxes according to your choices. This is the right time to make your own cereal boxes with the customization and low packaging cost. Custom cereal boxes can be developed with custom dimensions. Cereal packaging comes in different sizes from standard size to large, medium, and small packets. Standard size plain cereal box can be seen mostly in the superstore in a more personalized manner.

Kids like to try different flavors, small packets of cereals can fulfill their demands more perfectly. Custom sizes are mostly used to promote cereals and boost cereals sales. Kraft material custom cereal box is the more secure packaging due to its user-friendly nature. These boxes are the more natural way to offer your food products. People prefer recyclable packaging due to the new shift in responsible food brands. You can also add die-cut or PVC windows to a custom cereal box for making the display attractive. Over the shelves of stores, these window packagings work rapidly by fascinating customers.

Custom Cereal Boxes help to increase the shelf life of cereals

Cereal's shelf life depends upon the packaging material and its durability. Cardboard materials contribute perfectly to save the food from any spoilage. Food manufacturers want their blank cereal boxes for more time on the shelves. Cereals are firstly packed in plastic bags and then cardboard boxes. These cardboard boxes help the cereals to stay safe while transporting and shipping. Plain cereal box with increased shelf life serves well for food brands. People like to spend more on secure packaging and more hygiene food. Best quality food always comes in the best quality packaging.

Personalized Cereal Boxes with high-quality printing

Custom cereal boxes would design with logo printing and other necessary information. Logo can be carefully designed with the help of professional graphic designers at BoxesMe. Blank cereal boxes quality and logo print are two main factors, for customers to memorize. Commonly used printing techniques are offset printing and digital printing. Digital printing is perfect for the less quantity,

Highly designed custom cereal boxes. While offset printing is more beneficial for a large number of plain cereal boxes. Both techniques of printing come up with the best outcomes for food packaging. Custom cereal boxes can be colorfully customized with high-quality inks and developed procedures. Food packaging and printing care about every aspect, to make it safer. Inks that are used in the printing of custom cereal box would be of high quality and obtained from natural ingredients.

Plain Cereal Box perfectly deliver information

Food brands have a lot of information that needed to be printed on the boxes. Plain cereal boxes can be appreciated with logo and detail feature of its flavor and other ingredient information. These ingredient information and nutritional values needed to be carefully printed. As people eat this food for breakfast and expect a more healthy meal. A portion of food that makes them full and provides energy to start their day effectively. This is the reason that top cereal brands provide all related information to their customers through these blank cereal boxes. The appearance and the way your packaging communicates with customers both can boost sales. Custom cereal boxes can promote the products positively but it needed to be designed accordingly.

Order Blank Cereal Box in bulk to generate high profits

BoxesMe is offering blank cereal boxes in bulk quantities with sale prices. You can design your plain cereal box the way you want. Choose any standard or custom size with logo printing and our team can assist you to make your custom cereal boxes more prominent. Blank cereal boxes with premium quality cardboard material and natural ink printing can make your food brand, highly market competitive. Our quality cardboard materials can be customized to develop any shape and style of boxes.

We are the best manufacturer of packaging online company in the USA who never compromises over their quality work and services. Our free design support assists you to make your own cereal boxes with custom printing and log. These designs are not expensive but always give an effect on premium food packaging. You can make your logo more prominent over a custom cereal box with the help of our additional custom options. Embossing and Debossing can ideally make your bend logo prominent as compared to competitor's brand logos. We are working 24/7 online in the USA, feel free to contact us. You can also visit our website for the best overview of our custom cereal boxes.

Custom Cereal Boxes and Packaging

There are a lot of people who are constantly anxious about finding out a nicely made packaging for cereals. They deal in different kinds of flavours and sale them to the customers. It is a hot selling item because the number if property who like it is very huge. If you’re also worried about an incredible packaging, then here are the details to know about its features and how to use it. Blank cereal boxes are found everywhere and they are most generally usable boxes. They are easy to access and hence being used by a majority of people. But success only follows those who are different yet unique.

You can bring excellence by using those boxes which are creatively prepared with beautiful designs. They have large range of options easily available. Also they have great difference in their designs and structures. These features make it a great packaging for all times. It is unique but approachable by all customers which makes it most competitive. Now in market, there are large numbers of people shifting their packaging towards a trendy one. They are top selling and this is making them very successful. You can be one of them simply by changing the quality and styles of packaging.

Get Cost Effective Custom Cereal Boxes Supplies

It is desire of everyone to get a good quality product no matter what it is. But at the same hand the approach of cheap cost and good quality is used. People protect the same idea when they go to find packaging boxes. Since boxes are highly usable products being the primary demand of every product. They are used in large amount every day and such a product can’t be used if it has high cost. The cost needs to be genuine and affordable. One of the major products that can’t survive without packaging is cereal and you can use blank cereal boxes for that.

They are very reasonable and cost effective with normal price range. BoxesMe is the ideal place to order them from so if you want, you can order from here. We supply well designed boxes for cereal at quite affordable and economic price margin. You can also check the reviews of our previous customers before placing your orders and it will help you getting precise yet effective and productive packaging for cereals. We know that you need to try it.

Cereal Packaging Boxes with Logo

In food items, the logo and branding are two important things. In your business reputation, both these things are top most necessary. Now day’s customers have grown very careful and conscious. They invest only in good quality products. These products coming out of a top brand create their reputation and help growing their brand. It is represented through a structural symbol of the brand printed on the boxes. It is a part of manufacturing and creating packaging boxes. For food products the identification and necessity of the brand is more important. Through the logo, you can let the customers recognize and distinguish good quality branded products. Custom cereal boxes are created having the logo of the brand as an essential part.

This logo helps the customers to easily find the quality of products that they need. Therefore you’re required to use only such food box packaging and avoid the packaging that doesn’t have the brand trademark symbol. The logo is created with latest technology composed of upgraded machinery and creative tools. It looks like just as the real symbol of the brand so that fake replicated brands can be filtered out. Also it will certainly increase the number of customers that you already have.

Wholesale Cereal Boxes

In packaging cost is a biggest factor that determines the quality. Sometimes good packaging costs too much and sometimes too little but quality doesn’t remain the same in both these options. It is always wise to check the quality of the packaging and get it at reasonable price. Sometimes the prices are even negotiable. And sometimes particularly for large quantity of orders, you can choose to go for wholesale stores if prices. This is the better option because in this way, large orders dint make a burden for you if you really need packaging in high quantity. Thirdly, you can also avail the discounts and sales available if any.

This is a great way to get discounts at a great percentage from the original price if the boxes. For cereals, you can easily avail any of these mentioned options but wholesale cereal boxes are totally amazing and different. They are quite helpful for all the businesses which deal in cereals. So if you’re also looking for next packaging with wholesale margins of prices, you should go for wholesale orders getting large amount of boxes. This is the best way these days those customers are getting their packaging supply.

Our High Quality Material Is The Best

The most noticeable thing that always counts a lot in packaging is its base or core. What does it mean? The core means the material from such the box structure is created. The material is finely moulded into the shape of the box for specific products. In packaging it is either cardboard or Kraft that is used to make boxes. The value of material is greater when it is about food packaging because the entire quality, taste and flavour fully rely in packaging afterwards. Plain cereal boxes made from original cardboard and then printed are perfect example of quality and best standard.

At BoxesMe you will find no packaging boxes made from cheap stuff because they all have great quality which is directly linked to the material. Sometimes customers have special request for creating packaging boxes with significantly highly quality using different combinations of materials. This option is also very favourable and reasonable because it allows compact packaging in different kinds if stuff. For variety and getting different type of experience, you can give try to these boxes as well.

Choice for Boxes

It is always very confusing for customers to reach at conclusion for using particular type of boxes. This is not an easy thing because you will fund several types of boxes in this range. Even for cereals, you will find a large number of options making it difficult to choose the right ones. Customized cereal boxes are more often available with options of personalized designs and you can easily avail it for your great experience with packaging.

Unlimited Design Options

At BoxesMe, you can easily find different options for creating designs for your boxes. If you need any help please don’t forget to visit us at BoxesMe online store. You can also shop from our sales team.

Uses of Custom Cereal Boxes

Cereal boxes are breakfast boxes that can be seen almost at every home. As cereal is considered as one of the healthy breakfast, it increases the demand of the product and thereby the need of packaging solutions from manufacturers side. It has been observed that the competition within the industry is tough due to which every cereal manufacturer is looking for ways to help its product stand out in the market. Hence, packaging has been a known simple and effective tool that packages the product, preserves its quality and improve its appearance to make it further demanding.

We are a dedicated team, working hard on regular basis to understand your business need and make sure that we offer you the quality!

How can you beautify your Custom Cereal Boxes with the help of amazing designs?

There are several types of cereals and they all belong to different kinds of diets. They are dietary supplements and they are used for different meals. They are present both in powdered form as well as in raw form. Custom cereal boxes are very appropriate for all kinds of cereals. You can get it designed with amazing colours and stuff. They always are very important and have a great influence on the minds of customers. You can get custom cereal boxes with beautiful combinations of designs and prints and they look extremely elegant.

What are Blank Cereal Boxes and what is their use?

For the protection and safety of cereals, you always need a reliable packaging which is very protective and doesn't let the cereal get so easily spoiled. Blank Cereal boxes have a strong packaging structure and another paper box in them in which the cereal is added. This paper box is then put into cereal boxes and they are ready to be delivered to the customers. These boxes also protect your cereal to a huge extent and it is quite wonderful that you can use cereals in their real form.

You can also buy Small Cereal Boxes for your cereals

It is up to the product demand that you can use the right size of packaging. If you need a big packaging box, you can get big measurements and similarly if you need small packaging boxes, you can get and use small cereal boxes or mini cereal boxes. They ate comparatively smaller than the regular sizes but the measurements are always instructed by the customers. You can get it with some other measurements too and if you want it fir bigger sizes, you can get that as well.

Only use Cardboard Cereal Boxes for Strong Packaging which last a long time

A packaging that lasts for a long time is the real packaging because it can survive for quite a time and it doesn't get easily affected. Cardboard cereal boxes are very amazing because they are created using real cardboard which is 100% guaranteed and makes a truly wonderful packaging with several qualities. Cardboard cereal boxes make the best packaging for delivery as well as the complete safety of the cereals so that they reach the destination with total safety and without any damaging effect.

Get Custom Cereal Boxes Wholesale with wonderful price rates

If you want to get an amazing price for your packaging boxes the best way is to get it with wholesale prices. Custom cereal boxes wholesale are fully customized cereal boxes with wholesale price range which you can get it with full saving. For a large number of orders, you can try wholesale boxes and it will give you full saving. So don't miss the chance and get these boxes from BOXESME with wonderful saving. You can search them online too and place the orders. So hurry up and order cereal boxes.

Other uses of Cereal Packaging

Besides being an effective packaging solution, BoxesMe helps the manufacturers in representing their types of cereal in different manner, i.e. for adult a different theme is printed with nutritional information at the back and for children a cartoon image is printed with nutritional benefit. Adding a tint of creativity to the box makes it further alluring and helps the company in promoting the product.

Recycling benefit

Getting your packaging solution designed by BoxesMe, you can get environment-friendly packaging boxes. This offers the benefit of getting packaging boxes used again by recycling it.

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