Delivery Information


It should be known to that we dispatch an order; we certainly don't follow the instructions that are provided to us by the concerned postal offices. Hence we do not follow any rules and regulations that have been given to us by independent postal services. We are also not liable to help anyone with postal routes and to select the way of a procedure for shipping. But still, we always try to give our customers choices that help them and will be of most convenience to them.

Advertisements and Promotions:

We realized the influence that a solid marketing and promotional campaign create so sometimes we may send such promotional stuff to our respective clients and customers. Thus, genuinely our clients may get several promotional items in the emails sent to them which can include some coupon codes. This will notify the clients about several discounts, services and deals. These coupons can contain some guidelines and terms to be able to attain your discount and the procedure includes using some code or given numbers. Therefore, it is better for you to first come across these terms and go tonight’s them thoroughly and then applying for the activation of that code. This will help the customers become more aware of the product and the services offered.

However, it is also important to understand that some discounts can only apply to a certain portion of the audience. The most reasonable way to check which discounts are for who and for degree of association that any customer has with our service.

It is a very simple and easy way to use a coupon and you just have to note down the number or code present on the coupon and put it into the space provided in the details about an order for getting the information about coupon with its number.

However, that particular coupon is only for a specific discount and can not be used for any other discount. Therefore every client must keep in mind that they can only use this coupon independently. If you decide to use a coupon code, you will not be allowed to use any other discount while placing an order with us. Therefore be very wise and cautious before choosing it.

Also, you should know that coupon codes that we will provide you will only cover those products which solely deal with our website. Therefore keep in mind that they will not be applicable for third party websites and even if you try to avail the discount, you won't be able to. So even if the through party website links are given on our website the coupon code fail to function for the websites and there will be no results. Therefore all these codes are strictly and solely for our websites.

The coupon code will only be used for a certain specified discount in the price and will not be applicable for delivery charges or anything else. These codes are also exempt from any tax liability that you have and can’t be used for this purpose.
There are however few items which are in no way available at discount prices. It is solely we who can decide that which of the items these are and hence we are not liable in any way whatsoever.

Also, it is important for you to know that all the promotional contents are only for a certain period and can only be availed within that specified time. Many promotional contents may expire at the end of a certain season and we bear no liability and responsibility for when that is seen and found to be the case. But most probably the offers expire at the month-end. Therefore you need to be careful and conscious about when you use the coupon code and make sure before using that the code is still functional and then the discount can be still availed.

Also, you should know that these coupon codes are sole to be used by you and they can’t be sold or transferred to anyone related to you. These coupons are not to be exchanged in return of cash and in case they are removed or deleted, we bear no responsibility for that.
Also once you have placed an order with BoxesMe you will not be able to use that certain coupon code for that product of you didn't use it at the time of placing the order.

In addition to that, if you place an order using the coupon code and the order is still not completed for some reasons, the only amount will be paid back that you paid already. However no coupon amount will be refunded to you in any way and in many cases, if the deadline to use that coupon ends, the coupon and the code may remain non-functional.

In the case of return of a certain part of the order, all the terms and conditions will only apply to that specific portion.


To start with, the prices of all the products on our website are mentioned in US dollar currency. However, we endorse and received payments through several modes and ways. Generally, we accept MasterCard, VISA Card and PayPal payments. However, if we suspect any fraudulent activity or illegal record, we have the complete authority to reject the payments and credits cards held by a certain person.

Before you place your order for something from BoxesMe, it is better to have a full list of all the credit card records with you. Also, we are cautious that you only provide us with authentic and genuine credit cards that are currently within your use and aren’t expired. Also, all the information and detail of your credit card should be completely accurate and genuine. Any kind of misrepresentation of details in our forms will not be neglected by us whatsoever. Also, you should consider that no credit card details that are up to the date should be included in the form. In any case, if this is found true, only you will be reasonable. Also, you should know that if any credit card is ever expired you must instantly notify us and bring it to our knowledge. We will hence take actions to update all your account details. This will ease the transaction process for you as well as for us and you will be able to receive your order in the shortest period.

It is also important for you to know that all orders charges must be paid at the time of making the order and we may award any relaxation spending upon the situations but this will be according to our will. For any benefit, we will not be responsible that we choose to give you. You must also provide all the relevant credit card information to verify that you using only your card. This will help us support you in any problematic situation regarding the payments. And if your credit card is rejected for any reason, this will also help us serve your more purposefully.
In case of change of mind by you and if you opt for any other additional services by us, we will directly debit the amount that you owe to us from the credit card that you originally have given to us. If however, you feel that another one needs to be used, we will suggest you provide another one immediately so that you can easily avail the additional services by us.

In case of charging by any other means that you have arranged with BoxesMe, it would be good to ensure that you clear all the payments owed to us by you within five days. In case of any failure to comply with this, we will be liable to automatically debit the payment from the account that you gave us originally.

  • Therefore the maintenance of only a proper and accurate credit card with BoxesMe is encouraged.

Cancellation of order:

Orders that are related to the printing of your boxes can easily be cancelled. But having cleared this, special attention needs to be provided to the time that you select to cancel your order. If the order is in the process of printing that unfortunately cancellation cannot be carried out. In these situations, even if you cancel the order, you will on no way be compensated for the cancellation. Also, no tees that you have paid to us are going to be paid back to you. Therefore, you must be wise about pacing and cancelling order and you can only cancel if before it has been subjected to the printing phase.

To see if the order is still not processed or it has entered the printing process is very simple. To check this you will see an icon which will describe that the order can be cancelled as it has not entered the printing phase as yet. You just have to click on the icon for that and our representative will get in touch with you in absolutely no time to listen to you and help you with the process of cancellation.

We also hold all our orders for our clients for at least one month or thirty days. If within this time they are unable to provide us with the complete details we will be left with no other option but to straight away cancel the orders and the payment will be paid back to their account within ten business days.

Intellectual property:

To make you aware, you must know that all the content that you can find on this website only belong to BoxesMe, whether its web content or the logos and designs available on the website.  Everything available on our website is solely ours. Therefore, if we observe any attempt to harm, change or sale our content available on the website, it will not be taken lightly and we are liable to take serious action as per the activity. And it will put under serious solemn considerations.

All the tools, images, designs and graphics are also solely owned by BoxesMe and thus it can not be reproduced under any situation whatsoever. All our property available on the website is protected by the law and the country's legal system. Therefore, any attempt to disregard them in any way will not be taken lightly and series action can be taken against the perpetrators.

Our copyright policy makes it clear that we are bound to respond to any claims or legal notices specifically with all segments of the rules mentioned in the portion of the United States Digital millennium copyright act. This policy is equally followed by all members of BoxesMe without any slightest exception. We are mentioning the kind of form that will be acceptable to us when notice to us is made by anyone.

We also want to specify that special attention needs to be given to all the copyright laws made and hence it needs to be made certain that all and everyone is to comply to the laws of copyright regulations. If however, the notice issued is in full compliance of the format given, we will take no time in removing the objected content from our website and making it temporarily not available shortly until the issue is not resolved completely. We would also reach out and contact the person responsible in the creation of the content to allow him/her a fair chance to explain and present his stance effectively and to bee able to properly issue a notice immediately.

  • After we have received an intimation of an infringement that is highlighted in the report format, we will follow all the policies following the DCMA.

It should be specified that of any kind of infringement is to be sent to us, it should be done so either through emails or to the telephone. Your calls will be recorded so that we keep a record of all conversation that will take place with us. It is, however, important to realize that in case if the infringement charges are not correct in any way, the accuser will be liable and will be the one responsible for bearing all the fees, damages and hidden charges. Therefore, we suggest you consult a lawyer beforehand and have enforcement charges with us to better clear your position and where you stand.

  • If you want to fasten the prices of your request, following the below format is mandatory.

You must put forward your claim with a photograph. Through this, we would be able to easily locate the image on our website and would be able to easily sort put things for you. Also in addition to that, we will be better able to understand your cause of concern. Therefore the image must be clear and not blurred. And of in case you are unable to provide the exact picture, you must send us the information that will help us locate the element that has caused your trouble. This could either be in the form of URL links and any details that are describing in nature. You should also accompany it with your full contact information so that we can reach out to you and solve your issue. Not just that, you will also have to sign an oath that whatever information that you have handed us over is accurate, genuine and is not intended to do any harm. After signing in, you will receive our response within the next forty-eight hours. 

  • Send the written email to BoxesMe

BoxesMe Pvt Ltd, One Liberty Plaza 165 Broadway, 23rd Floor, New York City, NY

In some situation it may seem appropriate to use a counter-notification but even, in this case, it is advised to follow certain procedures. However, in this regard, we will allow no email communication and mo steps will be taken to entertain it.

Once we come across the counter-notification, we will spare no time in accompanying the real notification with the counter one and intimidating the person so that he instantly delete the content that has been the cause of the problem. Concerning trademarks, BoxesMe owns all the logos, and graphical material found available at the website. This stuff in no way should be sold, copied or reproduced. Also, all the icons on the website are the sole ownership of BoxesMe.

Therefore, no effort to safeguard them should be made in any way or to reuse any of these things. However, in several links available on our websites you might find the information leading you to third party websites. Therefore, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions of these websites. Also bear in mind that our terms and conditions are not applicable on any of those and their terms are may differ from ours.

We may also take strict action on how the content us used in our site including the images as well. Therefore is careful before using any of the content of our website and do read the terms and conditions section wisely. We do not allow anyone in any way to redistribute, republished or used in any way to duplicate the content present on our website and show that it belongs to you.

Also, we want you to advise that the products and service being provided to you through this website are given without any guarantee.  We don't own ownership to any warranties to the extent t that is mentioned under the law. Also when you try to make our website a free place for everyone, we are not responsible if you come across any curious or menace content on our website. In such a happening it is better to approach our computer operating person to know more about how to protect your systems against malware.

We are also completely free if the liability of any happening if an individual or a group faces ob contracting with any of our employees or team members.

Governing law:

The site is to be held in compliance with the law that is being implied in the state of Toronto. The address if the user that will access the site is immaterial and all the people irrespective of the location will have this law governing them under all circumstances. Therefore, it is appropriate for everyone to formalize themselves with the law to aware themselves of their situation.


Before you use our website it is important to note that you completely agree that in any case the lawsuit is initiated, you will not include any member of BoxesMe to that procedure. We will not have any part of the cost in the damages and claims that may have been formulated. Therefore, you must wisely follow the outline given in the terms on the site and on no way break from it. You must willing to defend the members of BoxesMe on all costs and give special attention to the idea that copying is avoided in any part of the content and logo designing ideas that choose to provide us with. 

Privacy and security:

It is necessary to know that if you seek to place your with us, ait becomes quite necessary that you provide us with all the needed and required information that we will require to complete the orders properly and timely. Hence you can be free of tension as your information will be solely used by us and we won't provide it to any other third party until it is necessary to do so by the law. It is also necessary for you to know that all the information that you provide us will not be used or accessed by any unauthorized persons. For more information about this, you can easily read our privacy policy completely.


If a user performs any unlawful act or is found involved in violating the terms and conditions, we have a legal authority to cancel that person’s account with us immediately. Not just this, we are also fully liable to deny accesses of our website or any sort of our website to that respective individual. Therefore, it is essential to read the terms and conditions properly and follows them no matter what.

It is also necessary to know that if we decide to cancel your account with us, we are not responsible to give you a warning beforehand. We are also free of any responsibility to provide any explanation thus it will solely be on our own will to decide about the cancellation.

Bottom Closure:

As you can see from the name, bottom closure boxes are sealed from the bottom but openable from the top. Hence their open able cover also serves as a lid which can be slightly pushed to open the entire box. Such packaging boxes are commonly utilized for large and bulky products which have huge weight and are not easy to pack. Hence the box is properly closed from the bottom to make sound and string base which can bear the product weight conveniently. These boxes widely differ in their sizes and mostly prepared as per the size measurements of the products to be packed.

The shape of the boxes is however cubic and it can be used for several reasons. The packaging stuff that is used to make bottom closure boxes is cardboard. This material adds strength to the boxes and they can easily carry the products without getting damaged. Although the purpose of these boxes is mostly to pack the bulky and heavy weighted goods and keep them fairly safe as long as they are inside yet the material is very light weighted. It is string due to its original and highly pure composition. Apart from that cardboard is also very reasonable and can be easily purchased. Therefore, if you are looking for exceptionally amazing boxes, you can use these.

Now, who should you contact on order to get your boxes designed with your hand-picked samples? You can approach BoxesMe for that. She has a very diverse and creative experience and it reflects through our service and packaging boxes. From every aspect, we a group of highly experienced individuals and we specialize in all packaging and printing services. Our experience in this field speaks for itself. Also, you should check our client satisfactory response which is available on our website. BoxesMe are very proud to let you know that we have 100% client satisfaction. Therefore, while placing your orders for bottom closure you can be hundred per cent free of tension because you can trust us easily and we will give a lot of reasons to come to us for another order soon.

Also, our team has it competent and creative workers and it is equipped with all the current techniques. We have the most skilled individuals in the market. We realize that bottom closure boxes are very important for you and their nice representation can lead you a nice product presentation. It will make you successful in attaining high product sales. We never bring down the standard of our quality and always believe in high-quality boxes. You can try us and ga e faith in us in all the services of boxes and designing of bottom closure boxes. You can just stay at home and place the orders and the rest will be done by us. Eventually, you will get the finest boxes ever. So what you are looking for. Just place your orders through our website and wait until you receive the delivery of your orders. 

1-2-3 bottom:

The 1-2-3 boxes are also known by their second name snap boxes. They have flaps at the bottom and are closed together firmly with each other. Therefore they are the safest and secure boxes and provide the products with the safety that is needed to secure the goods.

1-2-3 boxes can be used for several things. They are known as having great strength and vigour. Therefore it is clear that you can use these boxes exceptionally to protect your goods and especially those which have quite large sizes and heavyweights. You can also use them for protecting the soft and gentle goods and those items that are made from glass. Also, these 1-2-3 bottom boxes are made of really good material to avoid any complications in the future.

Cardboard which is used to make these boxes is very cheap and quite easily accessible in the market at really very good price rates. Therefore even if you want any packaging boxes to make sure that they are made from cardboard as it is the most reliable material available so far.

Cardboard packaging is very cheap and very reasonable so even if you are a start up business and you want to stay within your budget, it is better that you can use cardboard made packaging boxes like 1-2-3 bottom. For a business, there are so many ways to consider other matters. Therefore, to be a success in your business, you need to use the low budget packaging boxes.

Cardboard is very light weighted there you can easily carry these boxes anywhere. Another reason for choosing cardboard material for making 1-2-3 bottom is that it is very cheap. Now the question us where can you get the best quality 1-2-3 bottom boxes from? Its answer to that is BoxesMe which is a leader in the packaging box market. We have wide experience in creating these boxes. We believe in the uniqueness for every packaging box and we know that you can reflect the unique part of your products through these boxes. So only if this criterion is fulfilled, you will attract more customers to your products.

So you can competitively promote your brand through these boxes. Sometimes other people may not know about your brand and products but if they spot in someone‘s hand when they were carrying, many new customers maybe get introduced to your brand. So if 1-2-3 bottom boxes are beautifully designed, they will have an amazing impression in the mind of customers. Therefore, your boxes must be always very beautiful and well destined and look quite competitive.

Also, BoxesMe has made the ordering prices for its clients quite easy therefore the entire process is very easy and completely online. So you just can stay inside and place your orders for getting the best 1-2-3 bottom boxes. 

Full flap Auto Bottom:

These boxes are in the shape of a cuboids and they are used for storing several heavy and large weighted items. Their bottom side is made of glass that is enclosed tightly thus providing the box the security that it needs.

These boxes are famously basically for their durability and long-lasting nature. For storing or moving heavy items anywhere, these boxes are just perfect. For a good and solid packaging, you must use these boxes.

Cardboard is extensively used to formulate these boxes. This is basically because the material is so affordable. Since many of the full flap bottoms are used to pack the goods and then they are just thrown away sometimes in the trash, so many people can not afford to spend too much on the packaging boxes. There are many other parts that a business needs investment in. Therefore, cardboard always makes a wise choice whenever being used for creating boxes.

It is very suitable and thus it is best to use for so many fragile products like glass items as they can easily get damaged and broken. Therefore, these boxes fully safeguard the products and give them a secret lock.

But where you can get such nicely made full flap auto bottom from? It is none other than BoxesMe. We have a very fast turnaround time. Our clients don't have to wait for unending days to get their products. We fully favour a perfect and convenient delivery service for our customers. Therefore, the process for lacing the orders for full flap auto bottom is fully online. You can stay inside and place all the orders online. Just within a couple of days, you will be able to have your very own full flap auto bottom.

Furthermore, BoxesMe has its entire printing setup. Therefore, we are best in the market and hence we dint rely on any other printing services offered by the party and try to focus on every single detail of these boxes. Therefore, don't take a single worry about full flap auto bottom because they are highly amazing. So don't be late and just tried to place your orders as soon as you can.

BoxesMe also knows that a standard box cannot meet the demand of every customer. This is because every customer is different than others and has their requirements. Therefore it is better to use customized full flap auto bottom for all the needs. You have got BoxesMe as the best solution for your packaging needs and you must be glad to know it has best-talented team members. Therefore, hurry up and place the orders at BoxesMe online store.

Auto Bottom with Display Lid:

These auto bottoms with display lid boxes are conical in shape but they have a lid on their top which acts as a cover and can be used to open and see the product from inside. Through their shape, they are very wide and broad.  Therefore, you can place more items in them and that too of different categories. But their shape is mostly dependent on the shale and structure of the products.

BoxesMe is completely reliable for having custom auto bottoms with display lids designed. This is because we have been serving our customers for a long time and they have built their trust in us. We truly understand the customer needs and try to provide them exactly with the same boxes creates in the same way.

You can easily find all. the information and requirements to place your orders and search them online. Our delivery service is very fast with a very short turnaround time to deliver your order. We have very efficient and fast printing systems which provide excellent services. It shines out through its excellent service and customers trust it more than anything else.