Terms and Condition

Legal Notice

The terms and conditions grant you rights regarding access to the website.  We recommend the customers to carefully go through the terms and conditions before gaining access to the services. The terms and conditions exhibit explicit rules, policies and restrictions imposed on the users of the website. We hold the right to make amendments to the regulations listed in the Terms and Conditions without any prior acknowledgment to the customer. As we consistently update our policies, we recommend you to gain awareness by visiting the Terms and Conditions every time you access the website.


It is strictly prohibited to gain access to material and software for copyrighting or republishing. 

Copyrights and Trademarks

The access to website content is restricted for unauthorized usage. If you choose to incorporate the website images, text or graphics into your product, you will be solely responsible for the illicit actions unless you have been designated authorized access from the owners. Any design, trademark or copyrighted work of third party would lead legal accusation. Any company that chooses to incorporate third party components into their product must initially gain rights to access. Once you access our website to place an order, you must exhibit that you possess adequate legal rights of permission to get a product manufactured from our company.

Customer Content

The customer is entirely responsible for the material, printing and graphics used into their products. They will be responsible if any third party component is incorporated into the product. It is merely allowed if the owner grants access to those designs and trademark. When a customer choose to place an order on our website, they must confirm the rights and authority to let us design the product on their behalf.

The data posted is solely the responsibility of the person who posted the particular information. The company will not be held responsible for any indecent data posted by another party, the information transmitted online but fulfill the regulations regarding online content. You must carefully acknowledge the fact that indecent and inappropriate post will not cause harm to us but will ultimately hold you responsible for your disrespectful actions.

We do not control what the customer post on the website so the company will not be held liable for the offensive actions of customers. All customers who gain access to our website will be exposed to all kinds of content posted by individual customers. We are extremely disappointed about the indecent post received by customers. However the customer registered account is merely accessible by the individual. We recommend you not to grant control to others. Every action taken from the registered account will ultimately hold the customer responsible for the actions. 
The website is authorized to object irrelevant post by customer that do not meet the law and regulation. However the company may choose to remove content that violates the policies. It is not an obligation but a choice we make. However if any legal jurisdiction entails disclosure of content, the company will be liable to unveil content posted by the customers.

Design Files

The customers can acquire design files at 72 DPI that is low resolution. However, those customers insisting upon high resolution will have to send an email to the company.

Customer Submitted Artwork

The designs sent by customers will only be accepted in CMYK format with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. The conversion from RGB to CMYK will cause defect in color changes. The company will not be held liable for discoloration or blur images as a result of customer provided artwork.

Proofing & Matching

The specification sheet provided to customers need approval before proceeding to the printing of final artwork. The specification sheet consists of mandatory details that will be confirmed by the customer as appropriate. Anything not mentioned in the specification sheet would not hold the company responsible, as it is the customer job to proofread. 
Our company allows the customer to identify errors in final proof and report immediately. The final proof is what is approved and thus printed. Any changed made afterwards will not be entertained. We recommend customers to wisely analyze the final proof in order to report amendments timely. 
Once approved the specification sheet is transferred to the production department in order to carry out the printing. 
We only entertain color matching facility if a customer orders a color match proof otherwise the company will not be held responsible for any color matching approved by customers.


We use paper stock for printing. If a customer intents to use food grade, it is vital for you to inform immediately. As soon as the order placed it is mandatory for the customer to notify about any food grade requirements. The company will not hold the liability for printing errors, as the customers are accessible to the proof and layout approval prior to the manufacturing. The customer must possess a keen eye to identify unnecessary components immediately.

Color Accuracy and Hardcopy Proofs

We look into color matching once we possess the print-ready file. However the printing limitations restrict the production of perfect color match printing. The final product Is 90% similar to what the customer approved. We do guarantee 100% accurate color matching if the customer chooses to order a hard copy proof with an additional charge. The customer is not entitled to claim or hold liability against the company for the in built printing limitations.


Our company has licensed company content to third parties. We hope to receive consistent support from customers to defend the company from irrelevant claims opposed. The assistance we receive from you must be diversified and protect the member of the company including employees, officers and directors against all claims and damages that will arise to accelerated liability and legal charges. These offenses might be created as a result of products that entail undesired material or printing.

Order Cancellation

The customer will be able to cancel the order during multiple stages of production. This cancellation would cost a small cancellation charge to the customer. However if the order has been shipped, it will not be possible for us to cancel your order.

The taking of order and proceeding to production falls in few stages. The following exhibit the four stages.

  1. Order placement
  2. Order processing begins in our design department
  3. Order flows to the press
  4. Orders outsourced for shipment

Different charges prevail as a result of cancellation in distinct stages. Cancellation during stage 1 will charge $15 with additional fee that is 5% of the total amount to cover the amount incurred by the company.

As per cancellation in stage 2, a cancellation charge of 20% off the total amount is debited to the customers account to cover for the cost incurred.

During stage 3, any cancellation request would be accepted with an extravagant charge that would be a minimum of 50% of the total amount.

Once the order enters stage 4, it cannot be cancelled. 

Returns and Refunds

Every Invoice is separate. In case an error has been made from our side, we would re-print the order but not discontinue the purchase. Therefore no refunds are generated. 


It is mandatory for customer to inform the company within 3 business days about any delivery issues in regards missing items, damaged goods or other defects. The complaint will be acknowledged if reported timely. However, claim filed after 3 business days would not be the company responsibility to overlook the matter.
The customer must return the product within 10 days of the initial delivery date in order to receive the replacement for the order placed initially. However, the company must grant the customer the authorization before they could return the product.

Whether an order is returned or not, the shipment charges incurred by the company will not be refunded to the customer.

Order Shipping and Delivery

When placing an order, the customer can avail the following delivery options.

  • STANDARD (Undefined shipment time)
  • Free Ground shipping within 48 contiguous states.
  • Delivers within 15 to 20 business days once the proof is approved. 
  • PRIORITY – Successful Shipment within 10-12 business days. 
  • EXPRESS - Guaranteed shipment within 8-10 business days

All the above shipment entails approval of the final proof before they proceed with the shipment. The approval must be received by 11:00 AM EST or else one business day will be added to the shipment duration.

As far as delivery time is concerned, we respect the punctuality and deliver in a timely manner. However if circumstances lead to any delay from our behalf, the company will not be held responsible for any damage or additional cost incurred. Many conditions such as technical issues, weather changes, outsource shipment company delays, custom issues or any issue beyond the company’s control.  The delivery time provided to customers is a rough estimate based upon previous data or estimate provided by the suppliers.

We continue to evolve and adapt to changes that improvise flexibility. Our utmost priority is to meet delivery schedule. However, as a result of technical problems that led to delay, the company will refund charges where applicable. Any delay in delivery will not allow cancellation of the order.

When goods are shipped to your location, we expect our customers to pay all custom duties on the goods. Those receiving the goods outside USA will have to make preparations to clear customs to proceed with the shipment.
We offer packaging that does not merely offer reduced prices but sustained quality at the same time. We understand the stress our customers have to go through for packaging that incorporates low packaging material and ultimately leads to damaged goods. Hence, we are here to provide solution to customer’s worries by offering the best quality product at most competitive price.

We have production houses. All over the world that have to meet rigid quality measures to ensure production quality continues to enhance. The in built production houses in Asia is famous for the providing products with high quality at competitive price. Apart from enhanced quality and reduced cost, we also offer free shipment within South Asia.


The company will not operate on the following days:

  • New Year Day (January 1st)
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve (December 24th)
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)

Damaged and Lost Packages

It is important to note that customers should check all the contents for omitted and impaired items that could be correlated with the items details provided on the bills and item detail document that should be before accepting the package. For any such item that is omitted or damaged the customer should right away notify the company as soon as possible. We would not be responsible if any of such claims is made after 3 business days. We would not be responsible for 3rd party shipments in advances, spoiled or missing items.

We deliver or order with free extra pieces as well, that would be for all the different types of product ordered. It is normal in our field of work that a difference of up to 5 % may occur in the quantity that is the customer would receive a bit of less or more items that wouldn’t be more or less then 5% of original quantity. So it is advised that the customer should order 10% more the original quantity needed so the operations may not be disturbed that the consumer is working on.

If there is a mistake by the customer in providing the right address the second time extra charges would be charged in regard to shipment and handling charged.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Our website provides links that will allow the customer access other websites. The company has no control over the links therefore accessing those links will completely be the customer’s responsibility. We do not offer any kind of warranty for the links that lead to other websites. Also the content that multiple customers continue to post on the website is not explicitly the company’s responsibility. If exposed to anything offensive, the company will not be liable for the actions. The customer must accept the fact that gaining access to links leading to independent websites will merely be the responsibility of the client and not the company as we offer no warranty in regards the unofficial post that the website consist.

Limitation of Liability

No matter what circumstances lead to, the company inclusive of its employees, vendors or suppliers will not be held with any charge. Any unauthorized usage of product, incidental damage caused to goods or any arising problems will not harm the company in any way. Any such event is entirely incidental and will not hold the company responsible to fulfill damages.