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Black Shirt Boxes
Kraft Shirt Boxes
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Two piece Shirt Box
Black Shirt Boxes
Kraft Shirt Boxes
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Stock / material

12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing:

Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add Ons:

Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing


Assembled and shipped flat


Eco-friendly assembling.

Available in all custom shapes and sizes

High Quality T Shirt Boxes Packaging

Although you must be aware of the fact that packaging is always good if it has high quality material in it and fulfils all the required purposes. If it not, it is not an up to the mark packaging and there is no use of any such thing. The value of boxes is necessary for all kinds of boxes but in the case of t shirts, the need of good packaging is even high. In every clothing item, packaging matters a lot because it is prepared to provide comfort and safety to the products. The quality of a packaging is what that determines its type and standard.

For t shirts, you can’t play in risk by using any low quality and cheap packaging. T shirt boxes are especially prepared for our customers from the best material which always lasts long and dies its best to take care of the shorts in the best possible way. The quality of these boxes is always impactful for the product because it is necessary for it to be of good standard and creative appearance. You can always use these boxes even after opening up and taking the product out.

We Offer Complete Customization For Shirt Boxes

If a packaging is simpler, it looks very unattractive because visually is of no capability. Such packaging is replaced with a designed one which has creative appearance of the designs of the boxes and makes them very worthy. The designs that are mostly used are the original images of the products which are made graphically and in a creative way. This just adds to the entire look of the boxes and they look absolutely stunning. Custom t shirt boxes are always very sophisticated with the designs and can be used for any types of shirts.

For online brands, this is the perfect packaging as they need to ship their orders to the customers and that requires the use of boxes. Moreover, the designs can also be selected with great care so that they show relevance of the designs with the products and they look quite matching and appropriate. We have creative designers in our team who are only dedicated to develop the best of designs and the ones that are more relevant and closely related. This will completely change the total display of your products and make them look comparatively more enhanced and better.

Custom Shirt Boxes for Clothing Retail Business

In clothing business, there is not just one type of shorts or items that you will have to deal with. There are different kinds of products and specifically different kinds of shirts which are made for customers. For all of them using boxes with different styles is more appropriate way. You can not completely change how the packaging look alike but you can certainly go for custom t shirt boxes as they are more creative and delicately designed. For that, you can also guide the designers according to your own particularly requirements or simply you can get the boxes which are trend.

But if you’re not using custom boxes for t shirts, you’re making a great mistake. Once you trend to use them, you’ll see many positive changes coming your way which will also enlighten your business. For all the clothing items, you can get the boxes from BoxesMe but for any specific conditions, you better need to guide us further and then evaluating our designs. We always try to design very creative boxes so that they can work for all kinds of t shirts and not just a specific category of shirts.

High Quality Boxes at Wholesale Prices

The quality of packaging is the most important thing. The more we focus at it, the less it is because in the end, it is just the quality that decides the status and position of the boxes. There are several ways which manifests use to improve the quality and make it according to the standard of the product. If you’re worried about the total cost of your orders, then you don’t need to because wholesale custom t shirt boxes are there to help you in a certain specific direction. These boxes are always very brilliant and have wonderful quality because at BoxesMe it’s made sure before selling the boxes to the customers.

Wholesale prices are very affordable and they can be availed anytime that you want. In addition to that, you can also go for some cost saving discounts and seams which can actually help you saving a greater part of the cost so that it will be easy to buy high quality boxes. In this way, it is helpful even for any starts ups to invest in the high standard packaging because it is behind their reach otherwise and they have to fund ways to access quality packaging.

Get Advantage Of Our Exceptional Services:

BoxesMe is not only about boxes because it is a complete service. From manufacturing to marketing, every step is very dedicated performed to provide full ease to the customers. We just don’t make boxes but we provide packaging services too. We are always willing to help you with our creative packaging making sure that it helps you in numerous ways. You can contact any of our teams at anytime regarding your particular concerns and your problems will be resolved just within a few days.

Our service is all about quality assurance and customer centred. You can further check all the details and for that the best way is to visit us online. Our entire range of expertise is mentioned there quite clearly. We are also a leading manufacturer of creative packaging which is specially prepared for t shirts. Hence you can access custom t shirt packaging from us and also save your charges for delivery. For the USA based orders, there are no delivery charges and it is fully free to use the amazing boxes. So simply try them further for your products now.

High End Quality Packaging Boxes Solution

At BoxesMe you can find any type of packaging solutions related to boxes and the services. We are working in this field for decade and we are quite well familiar with everything about packaging. T shire box packaging is one of our top ranking and high hit products which are just flawless. They are very neat, creative and display your logo in a beautiful way. The quality of the packaging boxes is always a concern for customers and we have tried to answer this concern the best we can. You can easily find these boxes in materials like cardboard or Kraft or even choose anything from your own choice as well.

Also if you have any reviews or feedback, you can share double us live or through our email given on the website. So don’t waste your time in search of a quality services and try to switch after you’re confirmed that there has no any alternate to it. The procedure to place the orders is quite simple and there are zero delivery charges. You can even place your orders online and order them from our website. But only those who are serious brands can afford quality packaging.

Do you want the best prices for T-Shirt Packaging Wholesale?

T-shirts are the most casual and comfortable garments that are designed for all persons who have different ages. It is mostly a summer wearing thing but some people like to wear t-shirts out of love and fashion. T-shirt packaging wholesale is the best way to get amazing prices for a genuine shirt packaging which might seem very expensive otherwise. It gives you the best prices and quite effective results with the least expenditure. So try to get t-shirt packaging wholesale because it can give you a great advantage.

Get amazing designs made on Custom T-Shirt Packaging

Everything that has customized designs on it is more valuable and regarded well and it is completely true about packaging boxes. Have you heard of custom t-shirt packaging? If you haven’t, we are going to give some major details about custom t-shirt packaging which make it the most demanded packaging:

  • Custom t-shirt packaging has all the designs made using high technology equipment.
  • The designs and customization done on these boxes are just perfect.
  • All the designs are so alluring and present the t-shirts in quite an amazing way.

How the Shirt Box is outstanding for your business?

If you’re into a business of garment and you deal in selling y shirts, you just need to keep it new and attractive all the time. For that, you can try out shirt box as it is being ordered by many top clothing brands. They find our shirt box very comfortable and perfect for the delivery of their products and also to sale them to their customers. T-shirt box is an excellent thing and its benefits are just amazing. For all of these benefits together, you must only buy t-shirt box.

Do you need a T-Shirt Box for different sizes?

It is very clear that t-shirts are made in different sizes and styles. So only a precisely prepared packaging can go well for this stuff. T-shirt box is one such packaging range which we created in a number of sizes, styles, appearances and shapes. They all are very creative and amazing. You can also get t-shirt packaging as customized with the availability of several sizes and styles without any extra cost. So this packaging is all you should buy due to its high value.

Buy Shirt Boxes from BoxesMe for a great experience

If you have purchased short packaging from all the top packaging brands and still you stent satisfied, it is the time to try shirt packaging made by BoxesMe for it based great qualities and gives its customers the best time to use shirt boxes. If you want to check the samples or any other details, you can search BoxesMe online and further check for shirt boxes. You can also go through the feedback that is required for satisfaction and guidance and see how shirt boxes are uplifting so many businesses every single day and how they are bringing satisfaction to the customers.

High-Quality Packages

These shirt boxes are easily available at BoxesMe and are also so cheap that these can get at highly affordable prices. These packages are manufactured with excellent quality organic and environmentally friendly material. Their manufacturing needs to be done by excellently trained and successful manufacturers. As they have great idea that what type of packages are most liked by the consumers.

These can be easily manufactured by cardboard and Kraft material to keep shirts safe from damage. No other than shirts brand can know the importance of designs and styles of packages. They can get these custom boxes cut into different styles according to the requirement of the shirt and also of the clients. The designs, which can be made, are window, die-cut, corrugated or pillow style. Window boxes can be considered as the best for selling and changing the buying behavior of customers.

Luxury Printed Shirt Boxes

Shirt packages are available at BoxesMe in different colors, size, and shape and can be designed by keeping in mind the deigns of shirts. Colors of the packages depend on the color of the shirt as packaging needs to be totally reflective. Luxury printed two piece can be made more attractive by just adding up an aqueous coating on them. No one wants their shirts to be sold in bad quality printed packages so these are printed with best quality machines. BoxesMe can provide free shipping and free design support to their customers to keep shirts safe from damage.

Get Your Shirts Packaged in Custom Shirt Boxes

If you are a retail or wholesale dealer, you must need shirt boxes to sell your shirts in the safe and clean way. Custom made shirt boxes can bring out more charm and exciting looks to your garments. As everyone is fond of buying shirts and other wearing products packed in a unique and safe packaging. These can give more demand to your shirt brands and can also boost up the sale of your shirts if are designed perfectly. The companies who know the importance of packaging to sell their products are most successful as compared to the other competitors.

Marvelous and Interesting Shirt Packages

Shirt packages no doubt are the best solution for selling your product effectively but these can be made excellent by using different unique ideas. Shirts are available in the market manufactured by different brands but customers usually like the one, which has excellent presentation among all other products. These packages can also be printed with luxury solutions. As there is a different type of shirts available in the market, so these need to be printed with different statements and also with the logo of your brand. Printing of these boxes totally depends on the nature and design of the shirt.

We can Manufacturer Shirt Boxes in distinctive styles:

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