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Custom Pencil Boxes 01
Custom Pencil Boxes 02
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Custom Pencil Boxes
Custom Pencil Boxes 01
Custom Pencil Boxes 02
Custom Pencil Boxes 03
Custom Pencil Boxes
Custom Pencil Boxes 01
Custom Pencil Boxes 02
Custom Pencil Boxes 03
Custom Pencil Boxes

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Price Range

$0.25 - $3.0


Available in all custom shapes and sizes

  • Stock / material

  • 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S
  • Finishing / detailing:

  • Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV
  • Add Ons:

  • Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing
  • Packaging:

  • Assembled and shipped flat
  • Structure:

  • Eco-friendly assembling.

Appealing Pencil Packaging

The pencil is a frequently used stationery item for writing or designing the concepts over the paper. The pencil has a large number of customers from school-going kids to college teenagers, office workers, writers, designers, or any common man. People like to place this mostly in their bags, pockets, bag packs, desks, and tables. That’s the reason it needed to pack in durable packaging. Pencil packaging is not only used to pack only pencils. It has also a great contribution to the packaging of colored pencils and crayons. Many ways are used to pack pencils securely. Cardboard pencil packaging help to save the pencils from breakage and also protect the Led of pencils.  For shipping and transporting purposes, pencil packaging plays a more important role. People can collectively pack these pencils to safely transfer from one place to another.

How do people commonly used Pencil Packaging?

To pack pencils there are many custom methods available that can be used accordingly. Pencil packaging can be customized based on sizes, shapes, and styles. This customization should be based on the brand and product requirement and most importantly customers’ expectations. Packaging today, largely used to attract the desired and potential customers. Here are some pencil packaging charms that can be used effectively concerning the customers.

Colorful Pencil Packaging For Kids

School going kids prefer pencils in the perfect inspiring casing to show their taste. Pencil packaging can effectively attract kids with custom designing. You can add animated characters and wildlife effects in custom designs with logo printing. Kids can easily be attracted to this type of pencil packaging. Colors would be used to make pencil boxes prominent over the racks. Color pencils and crayons would be packed in the colorful pencil packaging that can complement the product perfectly.

Exciting Pencil Packaging for Teenagers

Teenagers in colleges and universities are more selective about their belongings. They think that a premium quality box represents the best quality product. They always try to judge things from their external appearance. Pencil packaging can be custom designed in different sizes and styles of boxes. The most commonly used box style for pencil packaging is tuck end boxes, two-piece boxes, pillow boxes, and tray and sleeve boxes. These boxes can be reused for many purposes due to their durability and charming appearance.

Graceful Pencil Packaging for Professionals

People in offices and at their workplaces largely used and keep pencil boxes in their drawers, desks, or tables. Professionals prefer to store pencils due to any bad encounter in the future. Pencil packaging is the best storage to keep them safe for long times. It can hold pencils gracefully and collectively. At the time of need, people can easily take out and use pencils from this sturdy pencil packaging.

Artistic Pencil Packaging for Aesthetic People

People who are related to creative and artistic work are more conscious about the selection of pencils. Painters and calligraphers used high-class pencils that can best help them out for their work. Pencil packaging can be characterized by creative and imaginative designs to attract these people.

Pencil Packaging for Special Occasions

Pencil boxes are also widely used for gift purposes. Kids like presents with attractive pencil packaging style. Pillow boxes and two-piece boxes with decorative ribbons and laces can be used to surprise some on their special occasion.

Ideal Manufacturer of Pencil Packaging in the USA

BoxesMe is the ideal manufacturer of pencil packaging in the USA. We are offering the least prices for your pencil boxes with large customization. Our graphic team can help you with designing your pencil packaging in your brand style. Email us at [email protected]  for a more detailed guide.

Custom Printed Wholesale Pencil Packaging Boxes

Stationary companies are working day and night to launch colorful pencils with various designs to attract customers. Pencils are sold in every market and are one of the most demanding stationary items. Companies look for different styles of packaging to promote their brand. They invest a lot for captivating boxes that can blow customer's mind. Outlook and packaging plays a vital role in influencing targeted community. By printing the reflection of pencil writing you can attract customers easily. Pencil boxes can be crafted in any size and shape depending on companies' demand and size of pencil.

High quality cardboard pencil box with worldwide free shipping

Design your pencil boxes the way your customers demand them. Usually customers want a pencil box that is attractive and can hold the pencils safely. Choose your desired material and have your company's logo and other information printed on the box. Company's logo helps the brand to grow at a rapid pace and it also helps customers to remember their favorite brand. Custom pencil boxes made of best quality material has the ability to handle any mishandling and jerks and keeps pencil safe inside the box.

Cardboard and Kraft Custom Pencil Boxes

Boxes urge the customers to buy a specific product. These boxes can be crafted with paper, cardboard or corrugated stock. The material of box depend on how much strength does your product require. Many companies want scented paper boxes to allure customers especially children to buy their product. Cardboard box is used due to its durable material to provide extra strength to the pencil. Eye catching designs on cardboard boxes make them everyone's favorite boxes.

Our pencil box printing will help your children go back to school in style

Customers are very busy with their routines and do not have time to search for items they need. Therefore, they look up to the packaging to provide all necessary information about the product. Printing all relevant and important information on brands helps customer to easily choose your brand.  Quality boxes with elegant packaging boxes with all details mentioned on box identity the high quality of brand and its products.

Secure your pencils now with the help of Pencil Boxes with lock

If you are tired of using some pencil boxes and you want to keep your pencil collection tighter in one box with complete safety, you can use pencil boxes with lock. These boxes are just like other boxes except that they have an additional lock in them which secures the use and makes them highly safeguarded and well kept. Apart from this, there are several other uses of pencil boxes with a lock but the presence of lock-in them ensures the maximum safety. You can try it if you haven’t done yet.

How Pencil Packaging can work for you surprisingly

Pencil packaging is an amazing thing and customers have liked it a lot. We are providing you with some very fruitful uses of pencil packaging and they are as under:

  • Pencil packaging can help to assemble all your pencils in a box.
  • It can also keep them safe from dirt and harmful substances.
  • It can certainly enhance the functional span of pencils.
  • In offices, you can't work without using pencil packaging.
  • You can also use pencil packaging for your business to sale pencils.
  • It will bring very positive rewards for your business.

Use some rusted packaging like Cardboard Pencil Boxes

If you have a packaging box, you definitely will not like to spend on packaging over and over again. So it should be of such quality that it could serve and stay good for a long time. For this, only good quality packaging which is made of high calibre material can be the right thing. Try cardboard pencil boxes which are purely made from real cardboard and are highly approved. They are tested through different experiments and are found to have a longer life than usual. Cardboard pencil boxes are outstanding.

Replace your old packaging with Custom Pencil Boxes

If you are tired of using the old and conventional packaging having the same designs and same appearance, this is the time to try and use custom pencil boxes. They are particularly prepared using the latest methods which deeply engrave the box and develop long-lasting designs. Custom pencil boxes are considered extraordinary boxes which you can place in your home as decorative stuff and in the office to make the workplace looking vibrant. You can also try custom pencil boxes to display the pencils in your stationary shop.

Get Pencil Packaging Wholesale quite easily from BOXESME

You don't need to worry at all for a good packaging because BOXESME brings you a high-end pencil packaging that too with option of getting wholesale rates for its cost. So if need a large volume of pencil packaging, it is better to get it with wholesale options. It will help you get high-quality boxes with quite fewer prices. So go to the online store of BOXESME and check the important details and don't forget to place your orders. We have a very short turnaround time and you will be able to receive your boxes quite soon.

Why BoxesMe?

Looking for best packaging boxes for your pencil? Get the benefit of our unbeaten Customized pencil boxes. BoxesMe is one the most experienced pencil boxes manufacturers in market. We love to facilitate customers by offering our best services. We provide innovative boxes to increase your business worth. Every box is tailor made according to your requirement. If you have any design in mind let us know or seek free advice and guidance from our designers. We believe in transforming dream boxes into tangible products. We have the tendency to run both short term and long term orders in shortest possible time. We never compromise on quality. Order your box today and get it delivered with zero shipping fees. High quality boxes at reasonably low cost in market have made us one of the top box manufacturers in market.

We can Manufacturer Custom Pencil Boxes in distinctive styles:

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