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Stock / material

12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing:

Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add Ons:

Die cut window, Gold foiling/silver foiling, Raised ink, Embossing, Debossing


Assembled and shipped flat


Eco-friendly assembling.

Available in all custom shapes and sizes

Custom Printed Gable Boxes

Gable boxes in different sizes look attractive and alluring. It plays vital role in packaging of different products and gifts. BoxesMe is manufacturing Gable Boxes in varied size style design and shape. We use well equipped techniques in designing of the boxes and fabricate fine quality Printed Gable Boxes. We never compromise on the quality of material that’s why fine quality material is easy to cut, mold and design.

The top-notch quality material is apt for printing. We use CMYK and PMS color schemes to adorn your gable boxes. The printed boxes look grabbing with animated and digital images. The printed boxes with your brand slogan and graphics enhance your market value. The catchy boxes attract customers’ attention at first glance and they rush to grab the products in gable boxes.

Custom Gable Boxes Wholesale

In customization of Gable boxes, we add features that optimize your business. The innovative style boxes visually appeal the customers. The varied size boxes aptly fulfill the purpose of your customers. The boxes in different sizes color design and style are manufacturing at wholesale rates. We fabricate massive quantity packaging boxes in reasonable prices. We offer flat discounted prices to let you get bulk quantity packaging boxes.

The shape of gable boxes is important because a unique style handle become the sign of status for your products and customers. The exclusive shape of the box is important. From the top of box, it looks like a bag and from bottom it looks like box. The cardboard and Kraft paper material remain feasible for gable boxes wholesale. They both are apt and easy to mold in different shapes tucks and cuts.

These boxes use to pack different products like for food items it remains apposite and easy to handle. The shape of boxes is handy and convenient because of top handle. All these productive features add to boost your retailing. Our designers know how to enhance the value of your products. Drop your order right now and get amazing quality all sizes gable boxes.

We Offered Perfect Gable Boxes for Your Valued Products

If you are manufacturing different quality products and worried about sturdy packaging boxes do contact us. We are mechanizing different style gable boxes that optimize your business and retailing. We add promotional features in designing of the custom gable boxes. The varied style boxes use for wide ranging products. The boxes remain apt for gifts, food items and many other products. If you are showing serious concerns about packaging of your products it will boost your retailing.

The food items remain hygienic, warm and healthy in gable boxes. The handle at top of the box further promotes your name because it is handy and feasible to carry. These boxes are design in ecofriendly material that is biodegradable and easily recyclable. The boxes are light weight and do not need extra packaging. All tactics embellish the boxes and make them luxury boxes. If you are producing tea coffee and drinks you can use Gable Handle Boxes.

All these packaging boxes are customized at wholesale according to nature of your business and requirements of industry. Different retail items remain feasible in this cost effective, lightweight and easy to customized Gable Boxes. The products double up their value in these perfectly designed packaging boxes. The printed gable boxes in different sizes may possess brand slogan that give you exceptional place in the market. 

Acquire Best Material to Get Desired Finishing in Your Gable Boxes

In customization of varied style gable boxes, we never compromise on the quality of products. We would not like to pollute our ecosystem that’s why ecofriendly material is our priority. We use biodegradable material that is recyclable and easy to cut, glue and reshape. The products in apposite packaging boxes will rebrand your name and quality. We use paper material to design custom gable boxes that is cardboard and Kraft paper material. The Kraft paper material is sturdy and looks elegant without printing.

These boxes simply possess your brand slogan that tells about you to customers. The Kraft gable boxes with die cut window and PVC sheet will show the texture color and size of products to customers. On the other side cardboard gable boxes in different sizes use for multi products. They remain apposite for printing and boxes with animated and digital images look attractive. The cardboard paper boxes adorn with foiling, glossing, embossing and raised-ink.

The selection of material according to the nature of products is compulsory because fine texture boxes optimize your industry. Our gable gift boxes increase the charm of gifts because nobody will refuse to accept amazing packaging gift boxes. The cardboard paper gable box with window will use as display box. It will adorn your racks and look attractive in different colors. The window will show the color and texture of the product to customers that are handy to get accurate product.

BoxesMe the Perfect Representative of Your Business

At BoxesMe you will get innovative style gable boxes in all sizes, design and colors. These boxes design to optimize your retailing and promote your business. The accurate quality material will never spoil your name. We all like to buy well-structured packaging products. The well-built boxes will keep the products safe and secure. These boxes designed by well-equipped techniques that represent your name in an impressive way. The wholesale gable boxes for packaging of edibles remain apposite because they are designed in eco-friendly material.

The fine quality material will keep the food items warm, hygienic and germs free. In customization of gable boxes bulk we do not use toxins and chemicals. So, food items remain hygienic till few hours. All innovative, stylish and representative white gable boxes are available at BoxesMe at reasonable rates. The boxes in vibrant color schemes show your creativity to your customers. To make your brand popular you need professional outlook and it is possible by fine quality products and packaging ideas.

Excellent and Free Customer Support

We are manufacturing all sizes Custom Gable Boxes in different latest techniques. The tricky tucks and cuts of the boxes give exceptional place to you among rivals. The finishing, gluing and cutting of the boxes in excellent ways will rebrand your products. The outstanding style boxes advertise your products without any extra efforts. The gable boxes in different handy styles allure display racks and grab customers’ attention. The die cut window style gable boxes optimize the value of your products. In designing of the gable boxes, we receive wholesale orders. We are available for you 24/7 through our customer care center.

We have well organized website that is handy in customization of varied style color design and size gable boxes. We fabricate all sizes boxes within 5 to 6 working days. After manufacturing your varied size gable boxes, we drop them at your door step without extra charges. To give royal look to your packaging boxes we add your brand slogan in raised-ink and golden/silver foiling. The logo looks elegant in white or black ink. All features will optimize your brand and boost your retailing. We are manufacturing large gable boxes for varied size products. These boxes are luxurious and look elegant and catchy.

How can you use Gable Boxes?

Gable boxes are one of the most vastly usable packaging boxes which are available for different products. These boxes are called gable boxes because they have an extension if the same box folded to make the handles. Also, gable boxes are very reasonable and fine to use because there is no extra effort needed to make them convenient to hold up and carry along. Gable boxes can go well for all sorts of products irrespective of their type and kinds. You just need to see how helpful it is for you.

Use Large Gable Boxes for big products

Using any packaging according to the product relevancy is the real thing. There are different types of products available and they all have their credentials. You don't need to stick to one type of packaging, to save you cost. Large gable boxes are also used for big products because they can’t adjust into standard or normal-sized products. So go and check large gable boxes if they match your needs. They all have amazing features and if you don't need large gable boxes, you can customize the sizes as per the product type.

Find a uniformly coloured White Gable Box

If you need one coloured packaging for all of your products, white gable boxes are perfect for that. You can get all of the boxes in one size, one shape, one colour and one style. They all together make the amazing range of white gable boxes. You can find them in different colours too and if you like simple and plain white gable boxes, get only that bit if you want to add some additional customized prints and colours than go for variable white gable boxes having multiple designs and patterns on them.

Kraft Gable Boxes are unbeatable in quality standards

It is very easily approachable to find gable boxes made from different kinds of stuff and material because they all have different compositional qualities but Kraft gable boxes are quite amazing. They are made from 100% real Kraft which is declared as the highest good packaging material. Apart from that Kraft gable boxes are found to be the strongest packaging boxes with great resilience and big strength to overcome any kind of decay. They survived for comparatively more time and don't let the products be so easily destroyed.

Replace the unattractive packaging with brilliantly designed

The option of availing designed gable boxes is also there for you which you get in the form of custom gable boxes. You can design them as per the latest trends, modern techniques and styles. They all are wonderfully amazing and they add charm to the central view if the products. Custom gable boxes are made using different colours and designs because only through numerous colours, they look fascinating and present a marvellous sight of beautiful designs made in the surface of these boxes. Custom gable boxes look extra brilliant.

Cut down your cost and get Gable Boxes wholesale

Gable boxes wholesale are helpful for those with large orders because they can be used in so many ways. These boxes when purchased in large bundles as wholesale prices are most effective because they also bring down your total cost. So if you think that your order is really big, you can always find gable boxes wholesale more workable in your favour. So don't make extra spending and buy gable boxes wholesale instead.

Try newly developed Black Gable Boxes for a charred view

On customers’ specific demand, BoxesMe is now offering black gable boxes too. They are purely blacks and gave all the designs and colours used in them in black. You can find black gable boxes very important because their role is as equal and valuable as any other packaging. It also has several types of designs and patterns made on them.

Quality of Packaging

Custom gable boxes are of high quality as these are custom made by using different cardboard and Kraft material which possess different qualities. Choosing the best quality material for packaging is the most important decision. These cardboard packages can be easily designed in different shapes according to the nature of the product. The material used in the manufacturing of gable boxes is highly organic as food packages need to be organic and biodegradable to prevent any sort of damage or contamination. Excellent quality boxes are needed to package food items so that these will get delivered to the clients in fresh form.

Convenient Designs

These boxes are designed in different styles to attract more buyers. As window style, die-cut and corrugated boxes which helps the customer in deciding whether to buy that product or not. Window packages are more efficient for changing consumer’s behavior. These boxes are also available in different color, size, and shape according to the quality and quantity of products.

As packaging has to reflect the product completely to attract more crowd so it needs to be printed with an excellent printed solution. Wholesale dealers need to deliver their products in huge cartons and boxes so these also need highly customized tailor-made boxes to deliver them safely. Different packages with unique printing solution can add up more spark and if is coated with an aqueous coating which can prevent moisture to damage the packager product packaged in it.

Get Your Food Items Packaged Safely in Custom Gable Boxes

Different food sellers like restaurants, bakery owners and also the retail sellers need to present their food items in an astonishing way. Every customer wants to have food packages which are hygienic and environment-friendly. Consumers are more likely to buy food products which have more captivating packaging. These boxes are made so efficiently that these are used at different shops and stores to sell food items in the safer manner. These can protect food items from any sort of contamination and damage and maintains its real taste and essence.

Personalized Printed Packages

Gable boxes are luxury printed in a highly customized way according to the templates and layouts provided by the clients. Many of the packaging providing companies are working efficiently for the provision of marvelous and exceptional designs of packages. BoxesMe is one of the most attractive and demanded company for providing printed boxes to their customers. Different companies can get free design support for making their packages. These packages can be designed in a highly personalized way by printing them with lettering and statement according to the relevant event. These can also be used to send gifts as by decorating them with different ornaments one can also make them a fascinating gift box.

We can Manufacturer Gable Boxes in distinctive styles:

  • Double Wall with Display Lid
  • Auto Bottom with Display Lid
  • Gable Bags
  • Tray and Sleeve Boxes
  • Hexagon Two Piece Boxes
  • Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes
  • Straight Tuck End Boxes
  • 1 2 3 Bottom Boxes

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Frank thanks man !! These boxes are rad. Never thought that my Cannabis products would find a perfect match. These boxes worked their magic and got my product in the market on time and sublime.


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If I could give this company 10 stars I would. I received my boxes just like they stated. The cutout that they did was perfect and the quality is awesome. Will be ordering more boxes in the future. Glad I found this company. Thank you, David for helping me out on the design and working with me in having a quality box for my business.


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BoxesMe. Specially the chat service quite fast and helpful for me as a new startup business. For sure your quality & speed can't be challenged and I be ordering again in Future as I'm 100% satisfied with all your service not only I get Free Shipping although your designer team help me to build my Design Free of Cost and that attracts most. You Guys are AWESOME! GOD Bless You All!


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