Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security

The information acquired from the customer is merely disclosed for mandatory requirements during shipment and processing of the purchase. We understand the confidentiality of information client possess therefore the access is granted to restricted staff with the authorized authority. Here the confidentiality of client data is handled carefully to avoid discomfort.

Information Collection

The collection procedure is designed very effectively. There are certain stations on the website that will collect the desired information from the user.


In order to avail the services we offer, the client initially has to fill a custom quote form that entails your name and email address. The customer data is merely used to keep the customer updated with the services we offer. Even if the order is yet to be placed, we keep you aware of what we offer.


The order form provided to the user entails certain mandatory information that will assist in the processing of order. We require customer name, email, shipping address and credit card number. The financial information is likely to allow credit card authorisation used to make the payment. In case of any trouble, we use the customer data to reach the particular customer to resolve an issue.


A cookie is the data stored in the system representing information concerning every individual customer. It is very useful in the processing of order. The cookie assist in identifying customer from the system thereby proceeding to the shopping basket. A cookie is mandatory in order to operate on the website. It creates a prolonged link with the user. A persistent cookie is data that is stored on users system for a longer period of time.

Log Files

The website provides us access to log files that allow us to efficiently administer the website and analyze trends with the help of log files inclusive of Internet protocol(IP) address, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time stamp, and number of clicks. However, the access to confidential data is kept restricted.

Communications from the Site

Special Offers and Updates

Our regular customers will be updated frequently with the upcoming products, magazine and services. The customer are entitled to avail special deals that are introduced every now and then. However, those customers who do not intent to continue receiving the updates will be entertained. We respect our customer privacy and do not intent to send emails that annoy them. In case the customer is willing to unsubscribe, all they have to do is send an email to us.


Once a customer register with us, we require the mandatory contact information incorporating name and email address of the customer. The customers are automatically subscribed to the newsletter  the moment they register with us. However, those willing customers who intent to unsubscribe to these communications can simply drop an email and we will proceed to fullfilling your request.

Customer Service

Our customer service department is actively involved in regular communication with the customer in order to take into account issues encountered by the customer. Therefore our management consistently provide requested services to our customers. The access of customer email and phone information is granted to production and customer service department in order to contact customer regarding issues during the processing of the order.

Legal Disclaimer

Despite the utmost priority to preserve confidentiality of customer data, there are certain legal proceedings that entail us to disclose customer information. It is merely an action to comply with law. However, we continue to provide confirmation on the fact that disclosing customer data to legal authorities is completely safe disclosure.

Third Party Intermediaries

We have outsourced the shipping and credit card processing responsibility to companies that are highly reliable and do not retain or disclose any confidential data related to customers. The shipping company carried out the shipment on a timely basis and the credit card processing company regularly processes invoice for the good purchased.

Business Transitions

In case a company is exposed to any business transition such as merger, selling of assets or the company being acquired by another organization, we keep customers informed and provide them adequate choice to either continue being part or choose to quit. However in cases like above, we ensure the confidential data is not accessed by another party and considered the most valuable asset of the company.


The customers are eligible to raise a voice when they choose to opt-out of irrelevant emails or providing unnecessary information to the company. Those who place an order but do not intent to get frequent updates posted must inform us on timely basis to we can unsubscribe. The newsletter and promotional data is emailed to our customers in order to keep them updated. However, customer who chooses to opt-out of receiving such emails can simply send an email and we will proceed to fulfilling their request.


Once the customer browses, our website will display certain links that connect you to other websites. The access of those websites is not authorised by us. If you open the those links, please be aware that the information provided to other websites has no concern with our website. If you desire to provide confidential data once the links are accessed, we recommend you go through.


Our website receives customer data on regular basis. We respect the confidentiality of customer information provided to the website therefore we continue to adapt adequate measures that protects customer data. The user information is kept secure both online and offline. The most reliable software (SSL) for encryption is used when customer provided credit card information while filling the registration form. When customer gains access to the order form, the lock icon on the bottom of page is automatically activated.
We take several other measures to secure customer data offline while SSL encryption ensure online security. Not merely do we increment security measure for sensitive customer data but all information related to client is kept restricted and secure. The access of customer data is granted to authorized people in the company that entail usage of customer information to process the purchase order. A password is required for employees to gain access. We also protect customer data servers by providing rigid security environment that allows highly restricted access.

Supplementation of Information

Notification of Changes

We continuously make relevant posting on the website regarding change in policies. The privacy policy is critical to customer information disclosure. Therefore any change sin privacy policy are rapidly posted to the homepage to kept the customer informed. The usage of customer data is entirely based upon the rules and regulations stated in the privacy policy.

However if the customer is treated any differently from what is stated in the privacy policy then the customer will be informed right away. Customers have complete authority to make the choice as to whether or not they are willing to adapt new amendments. However if we are unable to reach the customer to acquire the approval to implement the change in policy, we will discontinue the operation and stick to the old policies in regards preserving information. However if the change in policy is unlikely to leave an impact on customer data, we will post a notice notifying customers of the change.