Tray and Sleeve Boxes

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Tray And Sleeve Box (2)
Tray And Sleeve Box (3)
Tray And Sleeve Box
Tray And Sleeve Box (2)
Tray And Sleeve Box (3)
Tray And Sleeve Box
Tray And Sleeve Box (2)
Tray And Sleeve Box (3)
Tray And Sleeve Box

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  • Box style; Tray and Sleeve Boxes
  • Paper stock; Kraft, white cardboard & Corrugated stock
  • Colors; No printing, full color printing, CMYK/PMS
  • Finishing; Gloss, Matte
  • Dimension; as per the stipulation
  • Quantity; 100
  • Options;, Die cut window, Spot UV, embossing , debossing
  • Artwork;  Available as per the demand of the product
  • Shipping;  all the boxes will be shipping flat
  • Delivery time; 10 to 12 business days.

Tray and sleeve boxes are for those products which need extra packaging and are a little bit fragile. You can use these boxes for any product of your choice and it is immensely helpful with all the boxes. Here we will tell you about some amazing facts about using the boxes and how they can help you in a better way.

Do you want to ensure quality packaging with Tray and Sleeve Boxes?

There are a lot of products around us which are very sensitive and fragile and need extra care when it is about their packaging. It is very difficult to decide a certain kind of packaging and start using it for your products. In order to avoid this, you can go for a very credible packaging that is well-reputed and yield great advantages. Luckily tray and sleeve boxes are such kinds of boxes which are well known for their qualities and all the customers have a great experience with them. So it is usually recommended that you can use sleeve boxes wholesale with great satisfaction as they are widely used and trusted due to their wonderful quality and best results. Here you will get to know more about these boxes and their rare qualities.

What are the reasons to keep tray and sleeve boxes at the top?

Apparently, every packaging has some unique qualities and features which customers find very interesting and always great to use. Here you will see all the best reasons for why you should always keep custom sleeve boxes on the top:

  • These boxes have consisted of two parts therefore there is no second opinion about the safety that they can provide.
  • Although they are made if two parts but they are still very light weighted and dint has any extra bulky weight to make it difficult in packaging.
  • Custom box sleeves are immensely reliable and good for every category of products.
  • It is very safe to use them even during a journey or a travel because they can take care of your goods.
  • Furthermore, they can be used as the best way to keep your goods on display.
  • You can take two best advantages from these boxes including a packing and the best display.
  • There is no restriction for the use of these boxes and they are commonly usable boxes.
  • You can fund them with multiple options of styles and designs of both the tray and the sleeve.
  • It is always very comfortable to use them because they assure hassle-free protection and packaging of the products.
  • They are complete and ready to use boxes which can be tried in any way.

Tray and sleeve boxes look very creative with customizing options:

If you want to really use some quality packaging with recently designed prints and styles then you need to go out of the way for that. It is only possible when you try new things and new trends even in packaging. This can happen when you use new designing skills and they make your boxes look even more creative and stylish. Sleeve boxes are also customizable and once they are customised you will see the elegance of bee styles and designs in them. In addition to that, it is even more helpful to use styles which are relevant and related to the products so that it adds to the elegance of the products in a great way. If you have some specific ideas in your minds, you can also guide the designers and get the boxes printed with designs of your own type. All this proves immensely helpful and productive with the packaging and making better use of packaging for your products.

To what degree the material counts for Tray and Sleeve Boxes?

In every packaging whether it is commonly used or for certain products, the material always counts a lot and it is the material through which most of the boxes are judged. In tray and sleeve box too, material from which the boxes are made is very significant. Therefore, you can’t ignore to check the material. Usually, it is cardboard and Kraft which are most trustable quality materials in packaging manufacturing but it I’d always better to check the material, its quality properly and then check the other things like how it appears and what is the designing importance for these boxes. For these boxes, both cardboard and Kraft are completely credible material which makes great packaging sleeves printing and offer the best results for all kinds of boxes. Also, the materials should be biodegradable or recyclable so that the over consumption of packaging boxes doesn’t prove risky or harmful for human life and our natural environment.

BOXESME is the only top brand to offer a variety of tray and sleeve boxes:

Buying from a trustworthy and credible place is always very important because it helps in staying aware from the top trends, the current advances and how the advantage can be taken from such trends. Leading brands always keep their customers updated and tend to help them with making the worse decisions about the selection of products. In packaging, BOXESME has always been a customers’ favourite packaging house because it listens to its customers fully, understands their requirements and helps them get the best of packaging with minimum expenditures. It creates top trending custom packaging sleeves which can be found on our online store. Hence, for visit search we at our website and you will get to know in detail all about us. You can also find all the details about any other kind of boxes, our delivery procedure and shipping guidelines. So hurry up and browse us now.

Tray and Sleeve Box

Designed with exceptional protection and support, custom printed tray and sleeve boxes by BoxesMe are quiet simple and effective to be used. With easy to reassemble features, these boxes are designed for fragile and delicate, but light weight products. Want to store your jewelry or are serving home-made candles? These are considered as perfect even when it comes to branding a product. A logo on the face when printed using quality ink plays a vital role in promoting the brand!

Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes Wholesale

Tray and sleeve boxes as the name defines are boxes, can be consumed as ornament boxes for your dearest ones at special occasions. Having these boxes crafted in full color printing makes them a healthy solution for businesses as the logo printed makes it perfect for consumption as presentation boxes. The theme printed further is an eye-catchy solution. Where the tray packages the product, sleeve on the tray protects it from falling or being ruined. These are quiet similar when compared to two piece boxes.

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Thanks Joe, for the fulfilment of multiple requests and on time order delivery. I thought that my custom boxes and their designing will be a big Havoc but not if Joe is around. Thanks Again.


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Frank thanks man !! These boxes are rad. Never thought that my Cannabis products would find a perfect match. These boxes worked their magic and got my product in the market on time and sublime.


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If I could give this company 10 stars I would. I received my boxes just like they stated. The cutout that they did was perfect and the quality is awesome. Will be ordering more boxes in the future. Glad I found this company. Thank you, David for helping me out on the design and working with me in having a quality box for my business.


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BoxesMe. Specially the chat service quite fast and helpful for me as a new startup business. For sure your quality & speed can't be challenged and I be ordering again in Future as I'm 100% satisfied with all your service not only I get Free Shipping although your designer team help me to build my Design Free of Cost and that attracts most. You Guys are AWESOME! GOD Bless You All!


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