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Stock / material

12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing:

Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add Ons:

Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, Deboosing


Assembled and shipped flat


Eco-friendly assembling.

Available in all custom shapes and sizes

What are the Game Boxes and Cardboard Game Boxes in terms of Packaging capabilities?

Today, games are part of scientific studies and are developing rapidly after the advancement of 3D. There are many types of games for their specific and functional purposes. Party games, table games, and video games are the main types of games. Party games are based on a more general type of gaming. It includes pong, conversation games, guessing games, and power games, etc. Tabletop games are games like dice games, role-playing games, carom boards, card games and board games, etc. while video games are so technologically advanced. Games are not limited to children and adolescents.

Developing games has created a new gaming craze for all ages. Gaming industry diversity makes it compulsory for these games to be packed and secured in special custom packages. Games boxes are widely used to make your product more valuable to your customers. Games come with different equipment and tools. All parts of the games need to be packed together safely in one place. Cardboard game boxes are the safest idea to keep all parts of the games protected in one place. These boxes are also good at transferring the requested information to the customer. All instructions and information about the game and its brand can be properly printed on these cardboard game boxes. Game boxes are more than just packing your game stations effectively. Game packaging is more functional in the gaming industry compared to general packaging.

Selling games in retail stores and markets are more demanding as compared to selling these games online. This is because when you're selling online games, all the details, features, and play information can be easily mentioned online to your customers. They can read and get the concept of your games easily. When games are in stores, the customer initially wants to know all the features of your games. Before anything else, the customer focuses on all the information that is printed on the custom game boxes. If the customer is satisfied with all the information given, he may be forced to buy your game. After buying the game, gamers also enjoy unboxing today. A lot of unboxing games, videos are available on the internet. It's just because gamers want to enjoy a gaming experience with a creative and innovative packaging style.

What kind of cardboard is used in Custom Game Boxes?

There are many types of cardboard materials that are currently in practice due to custom options. Some of the cardboard materials are listed below with details that can help you choose the right one for your custom game boxes.

  • Flimsier Cardstock:

This cardboard is widely used in gaming packaging. The thickness range is 280 – 420gsm. This material is mostly used for retail purposes to convince customers to buy. Custom retail game boxes are specially designed packaging that captures the attention of buyers. In 2-3 minutes, these boxes may have an impact on the purchase decision if they are precisely designed. This card is lightweight but gives outstanding printing results. Custom cardboard boxes are affordable and adaptable.

  • Corrugated cardstock:

This cardstock material is used for play stations with large sizes and volumes. It is best to provide extra strength and protection from external hazards. Even this material can absorb contamination and high temperatures. Custom game boxes in this material are widely used for shipping purposes. The gaming kit can be carried and held more perfectly than any other material. Corrugated cardboard boxes come up with many custom printing options at an affordable price. You can add custom styles and designs to make your game boxes even more striking.

  • High end Luxury Rigid Cardboard:

This cardboard is made of strong paperboard that can give more protection and a luxurious appearance to your play stations. Rigid custom game boxes make the next level of your product. A more powerful and prevailing structure with premium quality printing can increase the market value of your custom game boxes. These boxes can be reused and make your brand memorable at all times. These boxes are highly functional with their strength and premium printing. The opening and closing mechanism of these rigid game boxes can enhance the pleasure of the gamers' unboxing experience.

How to planned and Designed Custom Game Boxes Effectively?

Well-designed game packing is not an easy task like another packaging. Professional designers at BoxesMe can help and guide you better in the design of protective, functional, informative, and striking custom game boxes. Even simpler board games also required specially designed custom retail game boxes to be noticed in the market. Play stations, Xboxes, and consoles needed to be packed in more secure packaging that would be easy to handle and transport.
Below are all the details of customization to be considered in cardboard game boxes designing:

  • Size of Custom Game Boxes:

The size of your game boxes depends on the game you're planning to put in. What's more, you must do market research on box sizes in the market where you're going to place your custom game boxes. Retailers are more aware of the sizes of the games and always try to align the same sizes of the games in one rack. Smaller or larger game boxes can't get the right amount of attention. There are many custom sizes available for cardboard game boxes, ranging from small to medium and then large. But properly planned sizes can enhance the appearance of the product in the market.

  • Style, Shape, and Material for Cardboard Game Boxes:

While deciding on the structure of custom game boxes, it should be protective enough to hold each game piece together but safely. The style of these boxes should not be that large to handle and carry. Gamers are demanding the easiest handling of game boxes that are smart to perform their functions. There are a lot of box styles and shapes that can support a simpler game board and a heavy play station with all the game pieces in it. Customization creates the ease of packaging according to the needs of the product. But it should be well planned to be cost-effective and functional. Any kind of rigid or cardboard materials can be used for your custom game boxes. Rigid boxes are mostly used for high-quality packaging.

  • Designing Custom Cardboard Game Boxes:

Designing your game boxes is presenting your game with all its features that you want to deliver to your customers. Custom cardboard game boxes must be designed with all the necessary information on the front. The title of the game and any short but captivating tagline must be printed at the front and the top. The name of the designer should be mentioned in such a way that it is linked to your potential customers every time. All other information, such as the number of players, age limitation, and the game brand logo, can be arranged at the front of the game boxes accordingly. The name of your game can be printed on all sides of the custom game boxes so that it can be displayed from anywhere. This information is also necessary to mention at custom game boxes due to legal requirements. Please try not to complicate your design with additional information. All you need to do is mention things that may have aroused curiosity in gamers to try your game.

  • Inserts for Custom Retail Game Boxes:

A lot of game manufacturers prefer to place game pieces with custom inserts inside the game boxes. You can also customize inserts in terms of sizes, styles, shapes, colors, and patterns. There is a wide range of varieties available that can be used to make your inserts protective and attractive. These partitions can be made with cardboard or foam inserts to hold your game pieces individually in place.

  • Add-ons for Custom Game Boxes:

Game manufacturers are loved to put add-ons at the top of the game boxes to make them more lavish and exciting. Spot UV can be used to softly but brightly enhance any part of the box. Foiling is widely used in card and board games packaging to add a luxury feature. Gold or silver foiling can make your custom game boxes more unique and stylish. Matte and gloss laminates are the favorites of game manufacturers to enhance the color and design of cardboard game boxes.

What’s the ideal platform for Custom Game Packaging Wholesale?

BoxesMe specializes in advanced printing methods and a qualified team of designers to design perfect game boxes. Our teams always try to guide customers with the most valuable custom packaging plans. As packaging prices always have a direct effect on the final price of the product. With our designers, you can get help to manage the prices of custom game boxes. You can also take advantage of our custom game packaging wholesale. Our discounted bulk prices can make your game boxes more valuable and more marketable. Feel free to contact us or you can visit our website to get the instant price quote for custom game boxes.

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