A Perfect Guide for Creating a Personalize Candle Box Wholesale

Posted On: Jul-25-2023  By: Adam

A Perfect Guide for Creating a Personalize Candle Box Wholesale

Candles are used for multiple purposes at various places. Some people use them at home for decor purposes. While others prefer to enjoy the sweet fragrances of their favorite flavored candles. Candles are a very fragile item. They are easy to break or damage. That’s why they require perfect packaging. Custom candle boxes are a unique and reliable solution to store expensive candles. Are you a beginner and require information about the customization process? You don’t need to be stressed. We have got your backs. This blog informs you about the most wonderful and quick methods for wholesale customizing luxury candle boxes wholesale. Hold for a minute and help yourself to give it a read.

Outshine the Luxurious Candles on the Shelves with Stylish Packaging

Currently, a product’s quality is evaluated by its packaging. The buyers will reject the products due to their poor packaging. No matter how expensive and premium quality candles are inside the package. You can mesmerize buyers with the trendiest and most innovative style of candle packaging. Custom candle boxes are customizable. You can design the box’s shape and layout following the client’s instructions. However, the most convenient box designs are two-piece, tuck front, sleeve packaging, and subscription boxes. You can furnish candle gift boxes with inserts, die-cut windows, hang tabs, ribbons, etc.

Choose Premium Material to Create a Fancy and Durable Candle Packaging

The brands have main concerns regarding the product’s safety. They cannot opt for clumsy packaging to store the costly candles. That’s why selecting quality materials is essential for long-lasting and durable packaging. The candles wrapped in poor-quality paper are jeopardized by breakage. You can offer reliable packaging to candles by using premium quality material. There are a lot of options in the market. Brown kraft paper is preferred to pack lightweight cancels. Kraft paper is 100% recyclable and can tolerate storage hardships. Besides, cardboard paper is a good option for retail purposes. However, rigid paper has frequent usage to create luxurious candle boxes. Rigid paper is hard and feasible to print, laminations, and add-ons.

Magnify the Visual Appeal of Candle Packaging with Die-Cut Window

Another interesting method is creating a magnificent and eye-catching luxury candle box. You can design candle packaging with die-cuts. The box with a die-cut window effectively maintains the product’s integrity and wins the client’s trust. The consumers can learn about the candles' size, shape, and flavor without unboxing them. The lamination of die-cuts with PVC sheets creates a more convenient buying experience for buyers.  The consumers can sniff out the fragrance and quickly decide to purchase. Besides the product’s visibility, the PVC sheet protects against germs, pollutants, soil, contamination, etc.

Accomplish Luxury Candle Boxes with Incredible Finishings Options

Selling the most incredible candles and want to create stylish packaging for them? You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of luxurious candle boxes by adding unique embellishments and add-ons solutions. There are plenty of additional options, such as: embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV, gloss lamination, matt finish, aqueous coating, etc.  You can pick out what seems most suitable to you. However, our team will help you in selecting the suitable ones.

Whom to Contact for Luxurious Candle Packaging? Choose BoxesMe

After ending the blog, you must be in great need of finding reliable packaging suppliers. Don’t get hard on yourself by extending the search. You are at the right place. BoxesMe is the solution for all your packaging and printing needs. We design custom candle boxes in all customized designs and layouts following our clients' orders. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us to avail of our astonishing services at affordable prices. Apart from the prime quality services, we facilitate our customers in various ways. You don’t have to pay shipping costs. Plate and die-cut charges are also free. We offer free digital mock-ups to ensure the client’s satisfaction. Put your trust in us. Order now. You can connect with us by calling us at +1-845-582-1499. Or drop your message by emailing us at  info@boxesme.com.


Do you offer free shipments on custom candle boxes?

Yes, we offer a free shipment facility on custom candle boxes. We ship the order to the client’s doorstep at the promised time.

What packaging materials do you use for luxurious gift candle boxes?

Usually, we use rigid paper to customize candle gift packaging. However, we can use cardboard and brown kraft paper as well at the request of our clients.

How much will it cost me to customize a candle box with die-cuts?

The die-cut design will cost you nothing. There are no plates and die-cut charges. Moreover, we make use of top-notch technology to create accurate shape die-cuts.

Can I ask for a design mock-up before the order’s completion?

Yes, you can. We offer free-of-cost design samples at the client’s request. We provide them in 3D digital forms.

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