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Customized Eco Friendly Boxes Wholesale

Being in the era where environment is getting worse day by day. Getting the eco-friendly products has become very difficult. We facilitate different industries by providing them eco-friendly boxes for their packaging needs.  Whether you are a well renowned brand or just a small industry, eco-friendly boxes has now become a basic requirement of the manufacturers. BoxesMe understand the problems and packaging challenges which manufacturers has to face in terms of packaging for their products. Our high quality boxes are made from recycled material in which the pulp is recycled from renewable sources and no harm is provided to trees or any other natural resources.

Custom Made Boxes using recyclable Kraft material

Recycled boxes are processed under the supervision of our quality assurance experts who make sure that each of the box is made according to the standards. Hence, no such method or process is used which can harm the environment. We also use special inks during the printing of the boxes and make sure they have no such chemicals that can harm environment during the manufacturing of the boxes. Industries have become well aware about the importance of eco-friendly boxes as the customers demand biodegradable material for the boxes. 

With the increase in population, the environmental problems have increased a lot from the past few years. Considering this, the government has set some standards for the boxes manufacturing companies. We at BoxesMe are certified eco-friendly boxes manufacturers who are working from a decade to facilitate cosmetic, food and apparel industries by providing them premium quality packaging boxes. Our special cardboard is die-cut and then printed using high quality inks to provide packaging solutions for your products. Our brown boxes are 100% recyclable and are completely biodegradable in nature which saves the worry of disposing them after use.

Environment Friendly boxes at lowest rates

Many companies demand brown Kraft boxes to preserve their edible items securely. They look for the special material on boxes which can preserve the taste of their edibles as well as make them easy to carry for their users. We provide them excellent quality material which is wax coated and made only to keep the food items. These boxes have the quality of preserving the freshness of the baked and cooked items and are also made from lightweight Kraft material. Kraft is considered as the most natural form of pulp which is recycled using special process. We have all what you need when it comes to environment friendly boxes. Plain brown recyclable boxes not only fulfill the criteria of being the eco-friendly but also look great on the display shelves.

Green Packaging made just for you

So don’t wait and join hands with us to get the eco-friendly material for your products packaging. We guarantee you that you will get the right material and box which you desire. You can order us any quantity of the eco-friendly boxes; we have the policy to accept low as well as wholesale quantity orders. We also have the lowest rates for the packaging boxes and take no delivery charges for delivering boxes in United States. Call us now and get your desired boxes as per your demand.

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