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Book Boxes
Custom Book Boxes Packaging
Custom Book Boxes
Custom Printed Book Boxes
Book Boxes
Custom Book Boxes Packaging
Custom Book Boxes
Custom Printed Book Boxes
Book Boxes
Custom Book Boxes Packaging
Custom Book Boxes
Custom Printed Book Boxes

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Stock / material

12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing:

Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add Ons:

Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing


Assembled and shipped flat


Eco-friendly assembling.

Available in all custom shapes and sizes

If you want to use covers pr packing boxes fir your boxes then here is all you can know about them. Although it is very vital to use such things and it is important for protecting the books but it is also important to choose them carefully at first. Custom book boxes are made for all kinds of books and here is how they set beneficial:

Why should you start using Custom Book Boxes for your books?

As you know that it is very important to read books for every individual. They are the best way to increase the horizon of your knowledge, broaden your perspective and bless with increased information and wisdom. If you’re placing your books at home, you need to use a properly made packaging for proper care. People love to keep their bookshelves loaded with books all the time because now the reading trending increasing.

But for the protection and coverage of books, custom book boxes are designed with proper techniques to accompany the books properly. They are matching to the sizes of books and cover them from both ends. In this way, your books will neither get old nor be filled with dirt. With just a small expenditure on the cost of these boxes, you can use them for a greater benefit.

What is the value of Custom Book Boxes for Book Shops?

There are a lot of people associated with book businesses and have their book shops where they sell books to customers. For book shops, you can certainly use custom book boxes and it will be an impressive technique to impress the customers. Usually, books are placed in stores and shops without any coverage or boxes but you can look different if you’re using properly made packaging for the books. The use of this will certainly increase the sale of books and fascinate new book readers. You can either charge a little amount from your customers for these amazing boxes or give them free of cost. But this is a unique way to compete and receive more sales of your books.

The usage of Custom Book Boxes for Precious Gifts

A Lot of people really love reading books and for them it is always better to be given books as presents. You may find a lot of such people in your social circle and across who can be given the presents of books. For such people, you should first buy a book if they taste, pack it in book box packaging, and wrap it up with a beautiful cover, a few glittering ribbons, and a nice artificial bunch of flowers. As it is to the boxes, they are always very impressive, creative, and well-designed. They have all the necessary qualities of standard boxes which makes them flawless packaging. On these boxes, you will already find immensely beautiful designs that are related to books, wisdom, knowledge, and information. They completely relate to your gift in every manner.

Custom Book Boxes are never made of cheap stuff:

The quality of boxes is a focal point and cheap quality always has a very wrong and negative impression on customers. They start getting disappointed and eventually turn away from your products. The best way to keep your customers keep purchasing from you is to stock to the quality and never give them a chance to complain. Custom book boxes exactly follow these ideas and they are made from 100% original stuff like cardboard, Kraft or corrugated material. These materials are taken in their raw form, then passed through several machines to manufacture standard boxes, and then eventually added with extra accessories 9f designing and printing. It all helps to create complete and comprehensive boxes as each step is performed with great dedication, effort, and struggle. To new users, it is always recommended to check the material quality and then spend to buy those boxes.

Get free personalization service for Custom Book Boxes

Before going into the details, it is necessary that customers understand what personalization for packaging exactly is. Personalization or customization is probably the same and they both belong to decorating the boxes with necessary stuff. The custom book box is already customized boxes that can further be personalized if you feel the need to do so. Through personalization, you can bring some changes in the designs, colors and textures of the boxes and make them according to your needs. With personalization, boxes look more precise and accurate as if specially made for that product only. Personalization must always be done with the state of the art packing machinery, tools, equipment and designing techniques. 

Find the best Custom Book Boxes and all other packaging services in one place

Customer purchasing trends describe that new customers will always go to the top-ranking manufacturers and the ones that gain positive comments and give a star rating from their customers. BoxesMe satisfies customers in both ways as it is a leading packaging house that helps customers get their favorite variety of boxes at bet reasonable prices. Book box packaging is one of the amazing creations of BOXESME which are full of all the necessary qualities and are proved very helpful with different types of uses made by customers. You can also know about them more in detail through our online store where everything regarding packaging is available. If you find it difficult to understand something or you have packaging-related queries you can just mention them before us and we will try our best to resolve them within a very short time. Our team is very cooperative and it will never displease you through its excellent service. We would highly appreciate your interest in our service and products.

Get Custom Book Boxes in Various Styles and Sizes

The book boxes are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. These boxes can be customized to individual requirements and can help in storing, organizing, and categorizing books easily. They take up less space and provide a lasting solution for the management of the book. It gets you tension free and relaxed in the preservation of books in the long run.

Buy Book Packaging at Wholesale Rate

These boxes provide an opportunity for book publishers to present their books in an innovative and appealing way. It helps them in styling the books and helps them to sell their books in an affordable manner. The cardboard book boxes protect the books from water, heat, and dust to keep them safe for extended periods. You can buy book packaging at a wholesale rate from a number of suppliers which are offering customized book boxes for the packaging of different books.

Book shipping boxes provide support and protection from dust, and water temperature and prevent them from getting damaged. Such boxes fit with your books and come with a printed cover. These boxes protect your precious books and make them look beautiful in the boxes.

Secure Your Books with Custom Book Boxes

Books hold an important place in our lives and they are considered as an asset of a person. Books lovers are scattered all over the world and lots of people are fond of maintaining their own library in their homes. despite changes in book reading habits, a large number of people still prefer to stick with the old habit of book reading and they still maintain their books in the book boxes. It is quite challenging to maintain and organize book collections in homes. It takes space, effort, and money to keep the books organized. However, modern cardboard book boxes have made life easier.

Secure Your Books with Book Box

If you have a huge collection of books and want to secure them, then you can use book boxes to protect them for a longer time. These boxes also help in the organization of the collection of books in an efficient manner and make it convenient to store and retrieve the books.

We can Manufacturer Custom Book Boxes in distinctive styles:

  • Double Wall with Display Lid
  • Auto Bottom with Display Lid
  • Gable Bags
  • Tray and Sleeve Boxes
  • Hexagon Two Piece Boxes
  • Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes
  • Straight Tuck End Boxes
  • 1 2 3 Bottom Boxes

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