An Effective Role of Custom Cigarette Boxes in Uplifting a Brand’s Name

Posted On: Sep-05-2023  By: Adam

An Effective Role of Custom Cigarette Boxes in Uplifting a Brand’s Name

Custom Cigarette Boxes Wholesale: Pre-Requisite for Tobacco Business

Cigarettes need no introduction as they are among the most notable tobacco products. Tobacco consumers use it routinely. Cigarettes are delicate and vulnerable to damage due to various environmental factors. They become wet and soggy because of exposure to sunlight, pollutants, moisturization, etc. They need premium packaging that keeps them fresh and protects their quality for an extended period. Custom cigarette boxes are the ultimate way to give long-lasting storage to high-valued cigarettes. Personalized product packaging adds value to retail goods and upgrades the company’s status.

As a tobacco retail owner, unaware of the miraculous nature of customized packaging. This blog will discuss the hand of exclusive cigarette packaging wholesale in the success of a brand’s upliftment and how it can assist in establishing long-term relations with customers. Let’s read it thoroughly.

Maintain Freshness of Delicate Cigarettes with Durable Cigarette Packaging:

It’s a fact that fragile cigarettes packed in ordinary packaging are prone to spoilage. Truly, the consumers cannot compromise on the product’s quality. That’s why they always prefer products' packaging to what is stored inside.  Custom cigarette boxes manufactured with cardboard paper are the best way to win the client’s loyalty toward the brand’s products. Cardboard boxes are strong and give air-tight packaging to cigarettes. Moreover, cardboard paper is resistant to moisturization, humidity, and harsh weather conditions. Consequently, cigarettes do not dry out and stay fresh longer.

Ensure Usage of Sustainable Material for Cigarette Boxes Wholesale:

We have discussed earlier that cigarettes are susceptible to harsh temperatures. So, they cannot be sustained on the storage shelf unless packed in a premium-quality box. You can create durable, long-standing paper cigarette boxes using the finest quality material. Cardboard and kraft papers are the most excellent options for retail purposes.  They are not expensive like other existing material options. The biggest perk about choosing these two papers is their biodegradable nature.  They do not have any side effects on the tobacco items and the health of the planet Earth.

Create Brand Awareness in the Tobacco Industry with Printed Cigarette Boxes:

Brand marketing is a very demanding task. No doubt, printed cigarette boxes have more leverage over empty cigarette packaging for the brand’s marketing. A custom box stamped with creative artwork, product illustrations, brand logos, and enticing colour schemes stands out on the crowded shelves. They can attract the client’s attraction due to their exclusive nature. You can add extra appeal to packaging by adding details like cigarette flavour, price, usage, expiry date, health side-effects, etc.

Add Grace and an Extra Layer of Protection to Cigarette Packaging with Coatings:

Cardboard cigarette boxes are sturdy and can tolerate all kinds of storage or shipment traumas. But the box’s laminations with coatings give an edge over your contemporaries. The usage of breathtaking coatings adds an extra touch of sophistication. It makes it endurable against scratches, fingerprints, marks, lines, spots, etc. The unblemished and flawless packaging leaves the clients awe-struck at first sight.  Aqueous coating is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. It gives a satin, shiny, soft touch to the whole box’s surface and can endure external shocks ardently. You can also opt for other options, following the product’s needs.

Why Choose BoxesMe?

BoxesMe is the leading packaging manufacturer. The customization of cigarette packaging is included in our expertise. These are available in any custom shape, size, color, and material. We customize the best quality printed as well as plain cigarette boxes wholesale. We use advanced printing methods to produce high-quality and long-lasting printed designs. Moreover, we also offer endless customized solutions like add-ons, finishings, and embellishments to give a classy look to the packaging. The best thing about our services is that you can request mock-ups. We offer free digital samples to ensure the client’s satisfaction. So, don’t delay it further. Connect with the maestro of packaging to personalize a tailor-made box per your demands. Place your order now. You can call our customer support at +1-845-582-1499.  Or get in touch with us by emailing us at


Q: Which packaging material is suitable for empty cigarette boxes?
Ans: Kraft and cardboard papers are good stock options. However, you can opt for brown kraft paper to store lightweight cigarettes safely. It is organic, and its packaging is 100% recyclable as well.
Q: Can you design sleeve packaging for cigarettes?
Ans: Of course. We do. Our packaging experts can customize cigarette boxes in whatever shape, layout, and color you require.
Q: Can I design a cigarette box with compartments?
Ans: Certainly! Cigarette boxes with inserts are an incredible technique to stock breakable cigarettes in an organized manner and prevent them from damage.
Q: What is your shipping turnaround for wholesale cigarette boxes?
Ans: Our standard shipment duration includes 14 to 17 business days. However, we also ship orders in a rush of 7 to 12 working days.

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