Comprehensive Guide About Key Features of Custom Printed Pre-Roll Boxes

Posted On: Aug-02-2023  By: Jenny

Comprehensive Guide About Key Features of Custom Printed Pre-Roll Boxes

Custom Pre-Roll Boxes: Necessity for Pre-Roll Joint Packaging

Pre-rolls are in huge demand because of their convenience of enjoying cannabis. They come in various flavours containing cannabidiol concentrates. Pre-roll joints risk losing their flavorful taste due to poor packaging. They demand quality packaging that helps retain the physical quality and aroma of pre-rolls for an extended period. Custom pre-roll boxes are the best choice to store and present the pre-roll joints in retail packaging. Hard to be convinced. Then you must read this blog. It will highlight the key components of pre-roll packaging and how it is beneficial for the growth of the cannabis business.

Availability of Custom Pre-Roll Boxes in Diverse Shapes and Designs

Today, clients look for innovation and speciality in packaging. Ready-made boxes have failed to meet the client’s requirements. They have become outworn due to their uniform nature. The critical element of custom pre roll boxes is their flexibility. You have a plethora of options to stylize the box. Following the client's requirements, you can convert the box into any shape and size. Sleeve, pillow packaging and tuck flap box are among the trendiest styles. Additionally, you can add inserts, die-cut and hang tabs to boost the box’s functionality.

Custom Pre-Roll Boxes: Useful for Long-Lasting and Sturdy Packaging

Pre-roll ready-made boxes are not durable. They are prepared mainly by using low-quality materials. So, they easily become prey to wearing and tearing. Moreover, they are not moisture-proof. Therefore, flavorful pre-rolls lose their actual taste. They become stiff and contaminated due to their exposure to germs, soil, dirt etc. Custom pre-roll boxes are a very effective solution to store and display expensive pre-rolls for longer. They are made with long-lasting materials like kraft, cardboard and corrugated cardboard. The additional strength is added to the product’s packaging by using laminations and add-ons etc. that’s why they prove helpful in the secure shipment of delicate pre-rolls.

Custom Printed Pre-Roll Boxes: Helpful to Uplift Brand’s Image

There are plenty of brands that are selling best quality pre-rolls. But the captivating product’s packaging sets the product apart from others. Custom pre-roll boxes are feasible for prints and add-ons. You can label the box with the brand’s logo, promotional tag lines etc., to create awareness about the cannabis brand. Moreover, depicting product details with alluring graphics and artwork makes the packaging more appealing. You can enhance the aesthetics of the product’s packaging by using color schemes and ultra-modern printing methods.

Custom Pre-Roll Boxes Adaptable to a Plethora of Additional Solutions

Custom pre-roll boxes are viable for innumerable personalized solutions. In contrast to standard boxes, they are flexible and highly customizable. You can create a noticeable pre-roll packaging with the addition of finishings like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, gloss, laminations, spot UV, aqueous coating, inserts, die-cut with PVC sheet etc. the product’s packaging window with PVC sheet allows the buyers to take a detailed view of the inside items. On the other hand, inserts in packaging are used to give a firm hold to pre-roll joints. The sturdiest inserts keep pre-rolls organized and unbroken during shipping and storage.

Choose BoxesMe to Buy Top-Notch Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

Our company is one of the top-rated packaging manufacturers in the USA. We earned a respectful position worldwide for offering 100% customer satisfactory services. You can buy the best quality custom pre-roll boxes at wholesale prices. We do not cost shipping and ship orders on promised time at your doorsteps. Moreover, we do not charge for custom quotes, plates/ die-cuts, digital mock-ups, or design assistance. Want to embrace yourself with extra information? You can visit our website, Apart from it, you can reach us via various methods. Our customer representative staff team is available on various social media platforms. They are always accessible to answer your questions. Moreover, you can call us by dialling +1-845-582-1499. You can also send email to us at


Can I customize a personalised design for custom pre-roll packaging?

Yes, you can. Customization is a limitless procedure. You can customize the box into any custom design, shape and color with the assistance of our experts.

What box design do you offer for pre-roll packaging?

We offer sleeve packaging and tuck-flop boxes. However, we can shape the box into any design under your requirements.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom pre-roll boxes?

Our minimum order quantity consists of 100 boxes.

What printing methods do you suggest for pre-roll packaging?

Offset, digital and screen printing are the most suitable options. We pick out the method under the client’s instructions.

What is your standard delivery time to dispatch the order?

Our standard delivery time takes 14 to 17 business days to print and ship the order.

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