Get the Custom Printed new Style Boxes for Your Eyelashes

Posted On: Jan-19-2021  By: Sarah

Get the Custom Printed new Style Boxes for Your Eyelashes

Eyelashes are the grown hairs in a single layer over the edges of the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelashes are more reflective and protect the eye from dust and harmful particles. Long eyelashes are popular, and people think of them as a symbol of beauty. This is why fashion-conscious females used artificially to increase the length of eyelashes. They used false or artificial eyelashes that were also called eyelash extensions to enhance their eyelashes. Mascara and eyelash tints are also popular to give volume and length to eyelashes. But they're used for casual occasions or daily routines. Women prefer to go with eyelash extensions for formal occasions or special meetings. This makeup item becomes more popular with teenagers in particular.

Women and teenagers are more likely to buy premium quality eyelash extensions for more powerful effects. With increasing demand, fashion lovers are also more concerned about eyelash packaging. Due to its customization, the manufacturer prefers custom boxes as attractive packaging. They can add their product and brand-related features exactly as the target market expects. It can increase the sales of the product by attracting more customers. These eyelash extensions are very delicate and should be more protective of their packaging. Eyelash boxes need to be strong enough to protect the eyelashes from any damage. These boxes need to be carefully designed and planned. They are not only used for the protection of eyelashes. Your brand can be promoted in the market with a brand logo and custom designs. Women are more aware of brands in the cosmetics industry. Eyelash packaging can help you remind customers of your brand name effortlessly.

The Right Selection of New Style Custom Printed Boxes

Eyelash packing is unique in its style and presentation. There are many box styles that you can choose to customize with your brand requirements. Careful design and planning of eyelash packaging can increase the market value of your product. A luxury box can be developed by reducing the cost of packaging. This cost can be reduced by using a variety of custom options. With minimum packaging costs, earning more revenue is the best strategy for developing new businesses.
Here are some box styles to pack your eyelashes with style and protection.

Two-Piece Box Packaging for Eyelashes

These boxes are widely used to display eyelashes on retail store racks. It's a simple but functional box with a showy, fancy look. This box is available in two separate pieces. One is the lid used as a cover and the other is the place of storage to keep the product safe. The upper lid has slightly extended flaps that can help to hold the box in a closed shape. The cosmetic industry is largely influenced by this style of the box due to its functionality. Eyelashes can give you more space with extra protection to be on the spot.

  • Sleeve Packaging for Eyelashes

Sleeve boxes are mostly used for eyelash packaging. These boxes are more durable and easy to use. Eyelashes are more secure and presentable in these boxes. The tray can keep the lashes in the right place. You can also use any custom insert to make it more secure. The sleeve plays the role of a potential cover. You can easily slide in or out of your sleeve. This mechanism makes these boxes more convenient and innovative in their style. Customized changes to your logo printing can make your eyelash packaging more marketable.

  • Tuck End Boxes for Eyelashes Packaging

A traditional way to pack products that are convenient, functional, and cost-effective. A product packed in this type of packaging can never be back in the right position on the market. Straight tuck end and reverse tuck end are both ideals for customizing eyelash packaging. More planned customization can make your brand more popular than your competitors.

  • Magnetic closure Boxes for Eyelash Packaging

These boxes are ideal to give a luxurious look to your eyelash pack. Top brands used these box styles to keep their product safer but with a high-quality impression. The closing mechanism of these boxes is more clearly defined. It just works like a magnet and is more protectively closed.

  • Window Boxes for Custom Eyelash Packaging

For display purposes, the correct size of the window in the boxes can instantly attract the attention of the customer. Right view of eyelashes from custom eyelash packaging is a treat for fashion lovers' eyes. Expressing your product in this way can help you gain the trust of potential customers. Both boxes with a die-cut window or PVC window can be used to display your eyelash extensions effectively.

  • Gift Boxes for Presentable Eyelash Packaging

These boxes are used to show customer concern and care. These boxes are highly customized to make your eyelashes look exotic. This packaging can help you promote your product better. Adorable packaging always forces customers to think about the gorgeous eyelashes in it. They can't ignore or leave your product behind the enormous truths on the shelves.

  • Boxes with ribbons, flaps, and custom lace handle

Eyelash packaging can be made more influential with the help of custom ribbons, flaps, and handles. Lace handles make it easier to open and close your product. It also gives the packaging extra beauty by adding colors. Ribbons are extra treats to make customers feel special and valuable.

  • Boxes with custom inserts for eyelash packaging

Eyelash packaging has not been completed without inserts. Eyelashes are a delicate product that needs to be secured and stored in the box. The weight of the eyelashes is so light that it is difficult to set and adjust to one place. This creates the need for eyelash wrapping inserts. Custom inserts in different colors, shapes, styles, and materials can be used to make your eyelash pack more protective.

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