Our Paper Hot Dog Trays are the Convenient and Economical way to serve your Hot Dogs

Posted On: Dec-19-2020  By: Andy

Our Paper Hot Dog Trays are the Convenient and Economical way to serve your Hot Dogs

BoxesMe freshly ordered to make hot dog trays are chlorine-free of charge. We only recommend FDA approved food grade cardstock to make your custom hot dog trays. This makes these trays cold and hot food-friendly. These eco-friendly boxes are the perfect choice for concession stands, KIOSK, and other food stalls/trucks. We customize hot dog trays to suit your needs where customers can get the required size of paper hot dog or street trays. We produce these boxes from scratch so thankfully the customer can request any customization including thumb/die-cut for their Popsicle stick, spiral potato. Skewer to give extra protection to your product by keeping it in place. Customization offers all kinds of cardboard materials to choose from. Printing options with custom design, company logo, and custom theme can be used to make a difference to your custom hot dog trays. Above all this, our affordable prices of paper corn dog boxes are ready to generate profit for you.

What are Hot Dog Trays for their Convenience?

Cardboard made four corner hot dog trays used to serve snacks. They are tapered in shape with no lid attached, making them perfect hot dog trays. Best choice for enormous and messy snacks. These trays are convenient for the removal of food items such as hot dogs, sandwiches, spiral potatoes, popsicles, burgers, etc. These hot dog trays are made entirely of food-grade approved cardboard. Highly popular among fast food joints, food festivals, and snack stalls because of its commercial value.
Due to its affordable prices and multifunctional use, it has become popular in the food and snack business. These hot dog trays are standard size clamshell containers. People prefer to go for custom sizes. These are perfect trays with coating and lamination making them resistant to grease. The sidewalls of hot dog trays are clamshells to keep the product upright and in place as well as to protect it from messes. These trays have become a must option as they carry instantly taken away food for customers. This makes it easy to keep and enjoy your signature food items. They're not time-consuming like other snacks. For the reason of structure, very easy to assemble, just pop up, and your hot dog trays are ready to use.

What makes Paper Hot Dog Trays Economical?

Hot dog trays can be economical if the manufacturer paid the amount that can better justify its benefits and convenience. High-quality hot dog trays with sturdy material and long-lasting nature are the best-proven product. These trays are affordable in monetary terms as compared to the whole packaging boxes. With easy handling, they are the best food packaging to serve and present. It helps to cut down the price of packaging by creating a good value business.

What could be the advantage of Paper Hot Dog Tray at a wholesale rate?

Paper hot dog trays can be more cost-effective at wholesale rates. These trays are mostly used by restaurants, bakeries, cafes, street food vendors, and food trucks. Due to a large number of consumers, the demand for packaging is also high. Fast food sales daily are much higher and the manufacturer can order in bulk. It's more feasible to save your time. There's no need to make a lot of customization effort again and again for your hot dog Boxes. Just place the order with BoxesMe in bulk at once. We can guarantee our discounted prices with premium quality packaging material and attractive printing of hot dog paper trays.

Why Choose Us?

We are specialized in the delivery of custom hot dog trays in custom size, shape, design, quantity, and lamination. You can go as low as 100 units to a maximum of 100,000 units. Our paper hot dog trays are the best and highly recommended street snack trays for instant pickup of food items. They're easy to carry and free from grease. These trays are economical as well as safe to protect from germs and disposable trays at one time. BoxesMe is here to assist you 24/7 with the best customer support services. Feel free to call us and place your order with the surety of creativity with perfection.