Personalized Cigarette Boxes Provides Top Class Packaging

Posted On: Jun-26-2019  By: Judy

Personalized Cigarette Boxes Provides Top Class Packaging

Fragile cigarettes need special protection to stay damage free and paper cigarette boxes are the first choice for their packaging. These boxes can not only protect cigarettes from breaking but also keep the tobacco fresh for long time. Cigarette packaging boxes mostly comes in standard size and is displayed on the tobacco and retail stores for the purpose of sale. These boxes are customized by every tobacco brand so that they can get make their cigarettes look unique and different from the other tobacco brands. With customization, the boxes can be designed and printed exactly the way manufacturer demands. Whether its small, large or standard size, you can make it with the help of customization and come up with new design and structure of the boxes. Plus, customization let you manufacture the boxes with any printing design you want. Colorful images, catchy designs and eye-catching finishing designs can add life to the overall outlook of the custom cigarette packaging.

Custom printed cigarette boxes with logo

Custom cigarette boxes are printed with the logo of the tobacco brand that help in promotion and marketing of the brand in the market. Manufacturers use different strategies to increase the sales of their cigarettes and the use of printed boxes is one of them. Smokers always pick the cigarettes by looking at the box before smoking them and cardboard cigarette boxes with logo introduce your brand in the market. Also with the help of printing, you can do private and commercial labeling on the boxes. After printing, the next thing which makes the boxes look attractive is finishing, matte, gloss, aqueous coating and lamination are few of the most fabulous options which highlight the appeal of the boxes and make them prominent on retail.

Get cigarette boxes wholesale to promote your brand

One of the most important thing in the manufacturing of custom cigarette packaging wholesale is the material of the boxes. The ideal box should be durable, strong & sturdy, hard and must protect the cigarettes from all kind of external environment. There are different kinds of cardboard stock which is used for paper cigarette boxes but for retail purpose single layered cardboard stock is the best choice. If you are a new tobacco company and want to promote your cigarettes in the market, then you can choose rigid material which looks elegant and fancy. Also if your cigarettes are extra fragile, you should make boxes with allocated space for each cigarette to provide your cigarettes more safety and protection.

Meet packaging standards while manufacturing custom cigarette boxes

Paper cigarette boxes in New York are mostly made in standard sizes that are easy to keep in the pocket. To meet the cigarette packaging USA standards, tobacco companies have to work hard in finding the right custom boxes manufacturers who can provide wholesale cigarette boxes according to their requirements. They want them to know how to print the important messages that are issued by government authorities along with the images. Eighteen plus warning messages are also important to be mentioned on the paper cigarette box to keep the cigarettes away from the reach of younger ones. All these important things play immense role in order to meet the packaging standards of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Processing of cigarette boxes with die cutting tools

The machines that are mostly used in the making of custom cigarette packaging are die cutting and printing. By designing the required structure of the boxes, they are die cut according to the specified dimensions needed from the customers after the production of die. The die is different for every job and this is where customization plays its role. After the process of die cut, the printing of the boxes starts for which the design is already selected. Four color printing, CMYK and digital printing techniques are common for the printing on the custom cigarette packaging wholesale. These techniques are cheap yet produce high quality results. Every tobacco manufacturer like their box to be appealing and catchy enough to grab the customer attention, therefore special attention is given to the printing of the boxes during the selection of colors, logo and images.

Good designs catch customers

Plenty of styles for paper cigarette boxes can be customized according to the requirement of the tobacco company. Flip top style is the most common that has easy to use opening closing tab, whereas the other styles include luxury rigid and large pack styles. Due to the availability of customizations, the tobacco companies can opt for any design of the box no matter what they like. The unique structure of the boxes makes them look unique and distinguishes their outlook from the other boxes. The design of the box should be protective and must keep the cigarettes secure from damage even during shipping and while displaying on the shelves.

BoxesMe provides paper cigarette boxes at lowest prices

We are working from a decade as a custom boxes manufacturers in the United States and have been providing packaging and printing services to many customers. Our boxes are made from high quality cardboard stock that keep the cigarettes fresh for long time and do not get contaminated. We have team of designers who help the customers during the designing phase and suggest them the best color combinations along with the images. You can have boxes with your logo printed on them and even the plain boxes in white and brown. We have all the equipment and machines to make custom boxes of your choice and we keep in touch with the customers’ whiles processing of the boxes. Also we ensure that each of the boxes we made is exactly according to the required dimensions you want and our quality assurance team guarantees the high quality of the box. You can order any quantity you want, we will offer you discounted rates and lower rates if you compare them with the market. Order them now from BoxesMe and save a lot for your cigarette packaging.