Role of Custom Cake Boxes in Enhancing the Sales of Bakery Products

Posted On: Aug-31-2023  By: Jenny

Role of Custom Cake Boxes in Enhancing the Sales of Bakery Products

Custom Cake Boxes Wholesale

Customized packaging is an integral part of each retail item. The product’s packaging outstands the brand’s products in the competitive world. Besides the brand’s promotion, custom-made boxes help keep products secure and protected. For example, improper packaging makes baked products more likely to lose their actual taste. Custom cake boxes are the best solution to preserve the stellar taste of yummiest cakes. The cakes do not crush or damage and arrive in perfect condition at the customer’s place.
This blog will discuss the pivotal role of custom cake boxes in raising the sales of your bakery business. Let’s read the details without further wasting time.  

Provide Sneak Peak of Delicious Cakes with Window Cake Packaging

The main concern of clients has been the product’s quality. Custom cake boxes are adaptable to unbeatable customized options. You can ensure the client’s statistician by adding a window in the box. The transparent window provides a wholesome preview of the cakes and enhances visibility. Cake lovers can assess the cake’s quality without even unpacking it. Additionally, the PVC sheet acts as a cherry on top. The thick film gives clearer previa and avoids external factors entering the box. Thus, clients cannot hold up but make certain to buy products after experiencing incredible visual packaging.

Custom Cardboard Cake Boxes Durable Packaging Solution

We have already discussed that baked items like pastries, cookies and cakes are prone to moisturization. They can lose their actual flavor due to sogginess. Therefore, clients become mindful while buying bakery items. Cardboard cake boxes are the perfect solution for your retail business. Cardboard is a strong material. It is immune to humidity, pollutants or sun heat and can also tolerate storage shocks. As a result, bakery products inside cardboard boxes stay fresh, and their shelf life is also enhanced. We can say that clients cannot divert their attention after discovering reliable cake packaging.

Win the Favor of Environmentally Friendly Buyers with Eco-Friendly Cake Boxes

Green packaging for bakery products is another excellent tool to boost sales. Nowadays, people have become familiar with the disasters of non-biodegradable packaging. So, they disapprove of non-recyclable packaging. The best solution is custom cake boxes wholesale manufactured with eco-friendly brown kraft paper. Brown kraft is prepared with organic substances and leaves no toxic impact on the bakery. So, they are a healthy option for humans and Mother Earth. In addition, they are 100% recyclable and easy to reuse as well.

Create the Brand’s Identity by Labeling Printed Cake Boxes with a Logo

Custom-printed cake boxes can be a wonderful tool to advertise a bakery business. You can give a distinguishable identity to the product’s packaging by adding unique artwork, enticing color schemes and logo design. Cake packaging with the brand’s logo establishes the buyer’s trust and generates massive profits for the company. Moreover, you can emboss the logo image with hot foiling to prominent the design pattern.

Enhance the Outer look of Custom Cake Boxes with Breathtaking Finishings

Undoubtedly, adding extras like finishings and add-ons can make the cake box’s packaging awe-inspiring and outshine it on the shelves of retail stores. These solutions include matt, gloss, foil stamping, window with PVC sheet, ribbons, inserts, spot UV, aqueous coating etc. The box’s lamination with coatings like gloss/ matt gives a flawless look to the box’s surface. Moreover, inserts are a good option for organizing mini cupcakes in a single box. Cakes stay intact and do not deform during storage or shipment.

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Q: Is a gable box a good option for Cake Packaging?

Gable packaging is a convenient way to store and handle bakery items, especially cakes. Moreover, it gives air-tight packaging to cakes and prevents them from getting polluted by germs, dirt, moisture etc.

Q: Can you design a cake box with window-cut outs?

Of course, we can. We use cutting-edge technologies and tools to create perfect window packaging.

Q: Are brown kraft cake boxes biodegradable?

Yes, they are 100% recyclable and food-friendly as well.

Q: What is your minimum order quantity for wholesale cake boxes?

It includes 100 for custom cake boxes, and the same goes for other kinds of boxes as well.

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