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Custom Gift Boxes Wholesale NYC

Surprise the recipient by wrapping your precious product in fabulous gift boxes made from cardboard material. Get embellishing add-ons on your cardboard boxes to make a perfect gift for your loved ones. Our skillful designers will provide you ideas to decorate your priceless gifts using special add-ons and finishing options. From simple pillow gift boxes to a party print red box with a ribbon handle, we have plenty of customization options just for you. Tell us the design you want for your gift packaging boxes or let us make a new fancy design for your boxes.

Attractive boxes to carry your gifts

We have latest printing equipment and skillful experts who can print all the colorful images and bright color schemes to make the box perfect for gifts. Whether your gifts are cosmetics, an apparel product or delicious chocolates for kids. We have numerous options of gift boxes to enclose any of your products. Get large gable boxes to enclose your gifts of Christmas, Easter or any other celebration events. By using high quality cardboard material, we make sure that our gift boxes are durable and high strength and can deliver your precious gifts without any risk of getting damage. 

Apart from high quality packaging, we also provide you with the shape and design of your demand. Get a pillow gifts box for your chocolate candies and jewelry gifts, or a gable box for enclosing your special treats. BoxesMe provide you all the customization options to make the perfect box you want. We use recyclable material in making of your custom printed gift boxes which is the demand of various industries these days.

Colorful printing to make your gifts worth more

Creating a decorative gift box is an art and we know that art very well. Even if you want to present your products as a gift on Christmas on the retail shelves, we can provide you colorful display boxes printed with bright color schemes to induce a feel of gift in them. Be the cause of bringing smile to your customers face by enclosing your product in our unique gift boxes with ribbon closure. Embellishing die cut window on the gift boxes can also be added. This window can be die cut in any shape you want. Cut outs in heart shape or in simple rectangular shape appeal the customers to grab your gifts from your shop. Decorate your shop this Easter by selling the Easter gifts in our attractive gift boxes.

High quality services at affordable rates

We believe in providing our customers with high quality packaging and printing services. We play our part in preventing the environment from any harm by using eco-friendly material for the production of fabulous gift boxes. We have skilled staff of designers and quality assurance who make sure that each box is made according to your specifications and demand. Our prices are lowest in which we offer free shipping to the customers in United States. Our agents stay in touch with the clients till the delivery of the order to make sure you face no problem for your order. You can order us right now by calling us on our toll free number.

Gifts are a More Precious way to Express Love

It is a great tradition to exchange gifts on sacred and festive occasions both. When you buy precious gifts for someone, you actually want them to see how much they are dear to you. In return, they also show the same emotions and feelings by exchanging the gifts back. Gifts aren’t alone anything because their presentation is where the heart of gifts lies. For that matter, the packaging is always very important. It is the packaging for gifts that gains more attention and at first; it is the centre of attention. There are se real ways to wrap a gift and you can come across million types of boxes for that. Here is all about them that is important for you to know.

Black Gable Boxes with top handle Wholesale

When the name of gable packaging comes to mind, it is all about gift packaging. It has a splendid shape and designed structure. However, it is more reasonable for a single unit because standard sizes or small size gable boxes are just amazing. They look truly heavenly but if you want, you can get some large-sized boxes too. Black gable boxes are overall black boxes which are painted in this colour and are blank but can have sine amazing designs too. These boxes are the best way to present your gifts and you can get them preloaded according to the requirement and type of the gift quite easily. These boxes can be prepared with minor changes in their sizes and designs and they will add to the value of your gifts.

Custom Gift Boxes:

Design your Heart out with our Custom Gift Boxes

Gift packaging is a mandatory thing everywhere and there are no lies about it. But it is not easy to pick every box for your gifts because you a few unique pieces truly comply with your gifts. Custom gift boxes are however the nicest way to pack all the gifts and present them to your loved ones. These boxes can be used by you individually for your own gifts as well as by retailers and people who deal in selling gifts to their customers. In this way, it is an advanced way of presenting your gifts and using what us in trend for styling the gifts. It has a great effect on the product packing, its safety as well as its overall presentation. You can fully alternate your gift through its packing and for that custom boxes are perfect.

Gift boxes wholesale:

Get these boxes without any high charges:

The cost of packaging is always very important because it is some of the major things that need to be considered before actually going for a certain kind of packaging. Gift boxes wholesale are especially favourable for those retailers who have a huge sale and they want to further increase the ratio of their profits. Through this, they can get their bulk stock at cheapest cost and with dime concessions and use it to sale to the customers at prices which can give them reasons margin of profit. In this way, wholesale rates can always benefit you and help you find the maximum profit and sales revenues that you need.

Cardboard gift boxes:

Gift packaging with quality is best combination:

Although there are several ways to use packaging for gifts and for that the presentation and outlook is the first thing that is most important. But in the meantime, the quality and the toughness of the boxes also can’t be ignored as it is another most valuable thing to consider. Cardboard gift boxes are best at two most important things and that is how they look from outside and how resilient their stuff is. BOXESME always focuses primarily on these two factors whenever designing the boxes. Hence, their quality is doubtless and you can quite easily trust it.

Perfume gift boxes:

For your exquisite fragrance range, try our ravishing packaging ideas:

Perfume is one of the most liked products because it is a liquid fragrance that is bottled in different forms and shapes. Perfume makes great gifts and more then half of the total customers love to use perfumes as gifts. Perfume gift boxes need to more unique and that’s why BOXESME is perfume packaging range is 10/10. You can check out online and find all the related images and pricing details. You can altogether the samples for your satisfaction and then order the needed boxes. For retailers and those who deal in perfumes, you are welcome to check our boxes and we are sure you will like them a lot.