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Rigid Boxes

There are several categories of packaging boxes which are named after the products, the type and kind and the structure of the packaging and thus, they are helping customers in different ways. Some boxes also differ because of the material while some have a different appearance. Rigid boxes are a very important category in packaging under which several kinds of boxes fall. These boxes include child resistant boxes, eye shadow boxes, suitcase boxes and some other packaging boxes. In this article we will provide complete and genuine information about rigid boxes their types and how these boxes can help you in a better way.

Child Resistant Boxes

As the name shows it can be clearly seen that child resistant boxes are used for products which are only for adult usage. These products can be of potential damage if they are kept within the reach of children. Therefore, it is necessary that for any such goods, child-resistant boxes are used. these boxes are just like any other packaging boxes except that they are made in a slightly different way. They have some chemicals used in them which are harmful for the kids and hence the boxes are kept away from kids. There are several benefits of using these boxes and here we would introduce you to all the features, ad advantages and disadvantages that are linked with the use of these boxes.

Characteristic Features:

Below is a detailed description of the unique and individual features of child-resistant boxes:

  • These boxes are made from cardboard so there is no second opinion about the quality of these boxes.
  • They are available in number of different options of sizes, styles and designs.
  • All the sizes, styles and designs for these boxes are customizable and the boxes can be moulded into the options of your own choice.
  • It is very healthy to use these boxes because there is no danger linked to them in any way.
  • They are safe to use anywhere, be it a house or a store.
  • They are best to use for medical products like medicines, injections and some other medical items.
  • For heavy goods like equipment, electronics and other machinery goods, these boxes are unparallel.


Here are some really amazing benefits that are linked to child-resistant packaging and below is the detail of all these advantages:

  • These boxes are not very expensive or very costly because they always have middle-range prices.
  • They always survive for quite a long time to it is best to spend on these boxes.
  • They are very well at providing protection and safety to the goods.
  • They are not too heavily weighted to carry.
  • They are also helpful to ease the process of shipping the goods quite easily.
  • They can be manufactured in several sizes according to the product measurements.
  • They are also available with options of customization.
  • In different colours and images, they look really beautiful.
  • They are also available with printed information and trademark if the brand made on them.


When it comes to the disadvantages, you will see that there are very few faults or defects which are present in child-resistant boxes. As compared to the advantages and benefits, the disadvantages are very limited and short. There are not as such any major disadvantages of this kind of boxes buy still you should be aware of all of the uses of these boxes.

  • Child-resistant packaging is only best for those products and items which are harmful to kids. For other goods, it is not preferable.
  • It comes in various sizes and fir getting specialised sizes; you need to talk about your concerns before.
  • The wholesale rates are applicable oy for larger bulk orders. But for little orders, you can avail any other discounts if available.
  • These boxes are usually preferable if they are used for keeping the goods in a certain place.
  • For using them to show the goods, customized to make some extra changes and making they prepare for the delivery of products.

Eyelash Packaging:

Eyelash is an important makeup component which is about using false eyelashes and making the eyes look prominent and enhanced. Eyelash packaging is of different kinds and BOXESME is an expert at making these boxes. You can also go to our reviews sections and find that all our customers widely applaud our packaging. Here are two best qualities about this packaging that makes it totally lovable.

Custom Eyelash Packaging:

Eyelash is an important makeup and beauty product and for it, a simple packaging won't do enough. Custom eyelash Boxes is most preferable for that as it has several outstanding designs and graphically designed images of eyelashes, their presentation through model images and their creative outlook. The packaging is fully customized according to the trendy designs and styles and has everything that makes it a top liked packaging by customers. It has a beautiful texture of different colours, coloured surfaces and prints which can stun the new visitors. In addition to that, the boxes also have a highlighted and prominent trademark or logo of the brand which can help you commercialising your product without any extra charges or cost.

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale:

Eyelash packaging is quite an expensive packaging because it is the top installing one. But there are some real qualities and features of you purchase it from BOXESME which is the best packaging ace and the oldest brand. It creates the boxes out if it’s a great experience and you can always trust us for that. Moreover, if you’re a retailer and you need high amount of packaging boxes for eyelashes, then we can offer you some discounted charges in the form of wholesale rates. This will be of great help to you as it is always recommended to use them with cheapest prices. For further information, you can either go through our eyelash boxes category online on the website or you can simply dial our landline number and speak to us. We will always try our best to make sure that our boxes don't disappoint you in any way.